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Included in a Learning Membership

Live 1-1 Tutoring, GRE Classes, and More!

Our mission is to give you all the resources you need to succeed. In addition to 1-on-1 tutoring support, every Learning Membership comes with unlimited access to live online GRE classes, GRE assessments and practice questions, an AI Tutor, and on-demand strategy videos and audio files so you can review on-the-go.


What's Included in a Learning Membership:

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Live GRE Classes

Your instructor will provide content and strategies for verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Upon completion of the course, students should have an understanding of the exam structure, scoring methodology, section-specific test-taking strategies, and the ability to identify and handle difficult or tricky questions.

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Learn from the Best

Only 15% of GRE instructors who apply make it through our rigorous interview process. Instructors are GRE experts who know the material, understand the exam, and can help you earn the score you want. They’re able to customize the content to meet your needs and those of your class, as well as provide real-time support.

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Self Study Resources

You’ll also have full access to our GRE Self-Study Resources. Practice the strategies you learn in class and track your progress with:

  • Expert-curated practice tests, diagnostic tests, and our question bank
  • Strategy guides for each exam section
  • Flash cards
  • Mobile app for on-the-go practice
  • Short video lessons with tips and tricks

Sample GRE Course Syllabus

Class 1: Foundations of GRE Logic

You’ll review the GRE exam format, its sections, and test-taking strategies.

Class 2: Arithmetic

The GRE tends to twist the building blocks of math into clever questions. To master these, you’ll work on factors, multiples, divisibility, ratios, and percents.

Class 3: Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence

You’ll learn how the GRE constructs questions to assess your reading comprehension and critical thinking skills, and then we’ll arm you with strategies to see through the test’s trickery.

Class 4: Algebra

You’ll be taught how algebra is not merely a collection of rules, but a set of action items that help you work through problems. You’ll learn strategies to solve for roots, exponents, inequalities, quadratics, and algebraic operations.

Class 5: Critical Reasoning

You’ll hone your critical thinking skills and navigate densely-worded problems by mastering the SWIM Method and the Assumption Negation Technique.

Class 6: Geometry and Statistics

You’ll learn essential rules and strategies for two- and three-dimensional shapes, coordinate geometry, statistics, probability, and combinatorics.

Class 7: Reading Comprehension

You’ll learn strategies for reading passages and for each of the four major question types: Specific, Universal, Function, and Inference.

Class 8: Word Problems and Data Analysis

You’ll learn how to navigate common word problem structures (rate, mixture, weighted average, and Venn diagrams), and convert word problems into equations. As the class progresses, you’ll also master the common types of graphs, charts, and tables featured on the GRE.

Class 9: The Analytical Writing Measure

For the essay writing portion of the GRE, you’ll come away with clear goals for each paragraph and proven templates to organize your thoughts and address the GRE’s scoring rubric.

Class 10: Quantitative Strategy

In your final class, you’ll learn time-saving, accuracy-maximizing techniques for Quantitative Comparison, “select all that apply,” and other challenging question types.


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I definitely improved dramatically from my first few practice tests to my actual GRE by about 16 points on the Quantitative section.

— Kristin, GRE student