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LSAT Class + 1-on-1 Tutoring

$2,000 total

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LSAT Class + 1-on-1 Tutoring

Study smarter for the LSAT exam with our live Small Group Class, 1-on-1 Tutoring, and Self-Study Resources: the perfect bundle for students striving for a great score.

$2,000 • 12 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring • 5 week live online class


What's Included:

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Your Small Group Class instructor will provide a comprehensive overview of the exam, while your 1-on-1 tutor will reinforce instruction, target problem areas, and accelerate learning. With both in your studying arsenal, you’ll exponentially increase your understanding of the LSAT exam.

You’ll learn reliable approaches to the logic games in the Analytical Reasoning section, active reading strategies for the Reading Comprehension section, and principle techniques to master every type of question in the Logical Reasoning section.

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Highly Qualified LSAT Instructors and Tutors

All instructors and tutors are vetted experts who know the material, understand the exam, and can help you earn a higher score. They’ll give real-time support to guide students through struggles and successes while customizing the pace and content to fit each student’s needs.

How tutor matching works:
Step 1: Consultation
An LSAT education consultant will contact you to better understand your background, goals, and learning style.

Step 2: Matching
Taking into account everything we learn during the consultation, we use a series of proprietary algorithms and analyze over 100+ variables to pinpoint the perfect LSAT tutor for your needs.

Step 3: Personalized Tutoring
Finally, we help schedule your first session with your tutor on our award-winning Live Learning Platform.

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Self-Study Resources

You’ll also have full access to our LSAT Self-Study Resources. Continue your studying and track your progress with:

  • Expert-curated practice tests, diagnostic tests, and our question bank
  • Strategy guides for each exam section
  • Flashcards
  • Mobile app for on-the-go practice
  • Short video lessons with tips and tricks
Better score guarantee

Better Score Guarantee

Improve your score or your money back.*

Sample Course Syllabus

Class 1: Introduction to the LSAT

You’ll review the LSAT exam format and its sections, examples of common exam questions, and test-taking strategies.

Class 2: Three Essential Logical Reasoning Techniques

You’ll learn how to solve the Logical Reasoning questions with these three techniques: logical diagramming, finding the logical gap, and using the elimination method.

Class 3: Logical Reasoning Question Types

You'll learn about the seven types of Logical Reasoning questions, how to identify them, and which techniques solve them.

Class 4: General Logical Reasoning Strategies

You’ll learn a four-step process for tackling any Logical Reasoning question, and then apply what you’ve learned by answering practice questions.

Class 5: Sequencing Logic Games

The most common type of logic game on the exam, Sequencing asks you to arrange items in a particular order. You'll learn how to identify the game type, build and fill a template with the provided information, and answer each question by applying the game’s rules.

Class 6: Sorting Logic Games

You'll learn how to identify sorting games, quickly build a template, use the information provided to fill in your template, and apply the rules of the game to answer each question. Sorting games ask you to determine in what group an item belongs.

Class 7: Matching Logic Games

Considered the toughest game type, Matching Logic Games give you two classes of attributes for a single group of items, and ask you to match items with attributes. You'll learn how to identify the type of game, build and fill in your template, and deduce the correct answer.

Class 8: Strategies for Reading Comprehension Passages

You'll learn how to skim a passage for its main points, and quickly return to relevant portions for specific details.

Class 9: Strategies for Reading Comprehension Questions

You'll learn the different types of reading comprehension questions, techniques to answer correctly, and how to avoid trap answers.

Class 10: Preparing for Exam Day Success

In your final class, you'll learn test-day strategies, ask any lingering questions, and review areas where you could use additional support. You'll also cover the LSAT Writing sample and receive expert advice on the admissions process.


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LSAT Class + 1-on-1 Tutoring
• 5-week live online course.
• 12 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring.
• Full access to our LSAT self-study resources.

10/10 recommend. My practice test scores went from 158 to 174

— Allison, LSAT student