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Question of the Day: SAT II Math I

What is the maximum number of distinct regions that can be created with 4 intersecting circles on a plane?

Unlike the comprehensive SAT, the SAT Subject Tests ask you to demonstrate your knowledge in specific disciplines. The SAT Mathematics Level I Subject Test is an example of one of these specialized standardized exams. Previously known as the SAT II, the SAT Subject Test is a standardized test that compares the skills and performance of each applicant without consideration of their high school or educational background. The exam is also shorter than the standard SAT. The Math I Subject Test has 50 questions which students are given one hour to complete. You will be tested on algebra and geometry concepts as well as those in trigonometry and statistics. The exam challenges your ability to work with various concepts and operations while interpreting graphical data. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools include a Question of the Day that enables you to practice one concept each day leading up to the test.

The daily test review offers you a quick study opportunity. This exam requires you to have a broad range of knowledge in mathematics. The Question of the Day can be used anytime you can take a few minutes out of your schedule to complete a brief Mathematics Level I Subject Test review. The sample questions are taken from the many practice tests also available through the Learning Tools. The only difference is that the Question of the Day is selected at random, so you can test your flexibility as you work to increase your skills.

This free SAT Mathematics Level I Subject Test practice is a great opportunity to study relevant materials. If you don’t answer correctly, there are explanations that show you how the right answer was obtained and links to information on the underlying concepts. The Question of the Day can therefore be used as a study tool that you can include in your daily study routine. It also saves you time by identifying your strengths and weaknesses so you can find exactly the right materials to use as you prepare for the Mathematics Level I Subject Test.

If you regularly practice using the Question of the Day, you can create a study plan based on the concepts you most need to review. This insight will come in handy for developing study skills that are necessary in college, and later in your professional career. The free SAT Mathematics Level I Subject Test practice also shows you the time it took you to complete each Question of the Day and see how many others who attempted to answer got the question right. Plus, each question comes from one of the multitude of SAT Math I practice tests, so you can be sure all of the concepts and problems are relevant and accurate.

The SAT Mathematics Level I Subject Test review provided by the Question of the Day is just one part of a full package of study materials you can use for preparing. Scoring well on the exam takes practice, and it is to your advantage to have organized, comprehensive materials to assist you in your review. The Question of the Day is just one of Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools that provide a hassle-free and effective study tool that can help you as you work toward exam day.

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