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The Law School Admissions Test, or LSAT, is used to assess important skills needed to succeed in law school. Varsity Tutors can set you up with a San Diego LSAT course to help review the skills and study so you can reach for your test score goals. We are experienced with exam prep resources such as a San Diego LSAT prep course to enable you to receive guidance, advice, and tips from an experienced instructor and collaborate with your peers who are preparing for the same test.

The Digital LSAT consists of multiple-choice sections that assess your reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning abilities. All ABA-accredited law schools accept LSAT scores during the admissions process. The exam also consists of a Writing section to be submitted to schools you apply to. Raw scores range from 120 to 180 and there's no deduction for incorrect answers. Your scores in each section are determined by the total number of questions you get right.

Therefore, you want to provide as many correct responses as possible. Digital tablets simplify the test administration process. They are supplied at the test center. To select your answers, just tap the answer choice on the screen. The table includes useful features such as a timer, highlighter, and question flagging so you can revisit select questions later. If you plan to apply to schools like the California Western School of Law or Thomas Jefferson School of Law, a San Diego LSAT course can familiarize you with every aspect of the exam through comprehensive coverage, which we will outline below.

What Kind of Coverage Does a San Diego LSAT Class Provide?

On the LSAT, you will be required to complete a 35-minute Reading Comprehension section, 35-minute Analytical Reasoning section, 70-minute Logical Reasoning section, and 35-minute Writing exercise. The Writing section is administered separately from the multiple-choice sections via a secure testing platform. You can submit it a year from the date you take the rest of the LSAT. While unscored, it is submitted to any school you apply to, which will assess your ability to defend your choice of position and skills such as organization, reasoning, clarity, language usage, and writing mechanics.

The Reading Comprehension section comprises of long-form, complex texts. These demonstrate the types of reading materials you'll encounter in law school, while questions will ask you to identify main ideas, explicit or inferred information, and the meaning or purpose of words or phrases as used in context. Application of information, analogies, and author tone and attitude are also tested on as is your ability to understand how new information affects a claim or argument.

The Analytical Reasoning section includes questions that measure how well you understand the structure of relationships and can draw conclusions about it. After reading stated relationships, you must select answers based on your comprehension of the basic structure of these relationships; based on the problem posed, you must use the information provided to determine a complete solution. Other questions will provide facts or rules, and require you to infer what could or must be true; in some cases, new information is presented and you'll need to refine your inferences according to hypothetical situations.

Your ability to analyze, evaluate, and complete arguments is measured in the Logical Reasoning section. A wide range of skills are assessed here, including how you recognize parts of an argument (and their relationships), as well as similarities and differences among various patterns of reasoning. Your ability to draw conclusions, reason by analogy, detect assumptions made by particular arguments, and identify principles/rules, argument flaws, and explanations will also be examined in detail.

How Can a San Diego LSAT Course Help Me Prepare?

Each online course, delivered via a live virtual platform, is designed to enable you, your instructor, and peers to interact in a collaborative environment. You can see, hear, and talk to participants as if they were in the room with you. Every instructor has been interviewed to ensure they are qualified, communicative, and able to lead a group of students concerned about their academic and professional future. Your instructor can provide detailed reviews of the skills tested on and provide insights into the format and structure of the exam. At this level, learning in groups helps because no points are left out. You want complete coverage to help improve on your knowledge, aptitudes, and study and test-taking skills in advance of the LSAT. The practice offered through a San Diego LSAT course can address all of these.

A San Diego LSAT course affords the opportunity to learn from your instructor and peers. The questions they raise may reveal areas of opportunity for you. And when you don't understand something, your instructor can set up a one-on-one meeting to help you fill in any gaps in learning. Course schedules are flexible as well. You can choose from two- and four-week courses, depending on what your school and work schedule permits, and sign up for course options that start weekly. Therefore, you can get started immediately and acquire and improve upon skills such as referring to hard questions later, eliminating wrong answers, and picking up your pacing.

How Can I Find Help Signing Up for a San Diego LSAT Class?

You needn't study alone; nor do you have to guess when it comes to the right class. Varsity Tutors will enroll you in a class that addresses your prep needs and fits your schedule. We understand this is an investment in your future career. A thorough review is necessary to account for your need to improve your test-taking abilities and confidence.

A comprehensive schedule of classes has been set up, so you have a wide range of options. An educational consultant can provide the assistance you need to quickly find a class that doesn't interfere with your other obligations yet offers the opportunity to effectively prepare for the LSAT. Call today, and someone will walk you through the process and sign you up for the next available San Diego LSAT class so you can get started right away.

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