We deliver results. Guaranteed.

We’re proud of the service we provide, the level of quality we deliver, and the accomplishments of our students. And with the right amount of effort and focus, we guarantee we can help you achieve just about any goal you aspire to reach.

Our guarantees:


For test prep related to college and graduate school admissions exams
If you don't receive the score you want, regardless of whether you’ve taken the exam and received an official score or not, Varsity Tutors will provide to you (at no additional cost) a live online course for the same exam to help you prepare for your next exam.


For all purchasers of tutoring hours through the Varsity Tutors platform
If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the tutor you were connected with through the platform after your initial session, please call us to help understand why you are not satisfied and we will help connect you with a tutor who might be a better fit. Your next session will be free of charge (up to two hours based upon the actual length of the initial session). See Terms of Customer Account Use for specific terms and conditions of the Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee.

*Eligibility and other rules apply, including which purchases qualify for each guarantee. All other terms not specifically addressed herein will be addressed in your Terms of Customer Account Use and/or Terms of Use, as applicable, which will remain in effect and govern your relationship with Varsity Tutors.