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If you're planning to take the LSAT, think about reaching out to us at Varsity Tutors so we can help you out with locating a New York City LSAT prep course. The Law School Admission Test, or the LSAT for short, is an exam college students and working professionals have to take to be considered for law school. You will need to take the LSAT if you want to be considered for admission at local law schools like Columbia Law School and the New York University School of Law. Signing up for a prep course is a great way to prepare for the test.

A New York City LSAT course may be what you need to get ready for the exam. All courses are online and directed by a professional instructor. A course can help to familiarize you with the test's layout, timing, and other concepts.

What could a New York City LSAT course help me study?

The LSAT contains four sections: Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, and Writing. It's the only exam that's required for admission in law schools in the United States, Canada, and other countries. By studying for the LSAT, it gives you a taste of what you would face if you're admitted to a law program. Below is an overview of the sections you'll find on the exam.

You'll find four logic games in the Analytical Reasoning section. Each logic game has four to seven multiple-choice questions. You're required to make deductions based on a set of conditions or statements. You have 35 minutes to answer the questions, and it's worth 23 percent of your overall score.

There are about 27 questions in the Reading Comprehension section. It contains four passages each with approximately five to eight questions. On this portion of the test, you need to read passages and comprehend their points-of-view and objectives. It has a time limit of 35 minutes, and it's worth 27 percent of your overall score.

The Logical Reasoning section is comprised of two mini-sections, with each one containing 24 to 26 multiple-choice questions. Here, you're tested on your ability to critique arguments presented in passages. You have one hour and 10 minutes to answer the questions, and it's worth half of your total score.

The Writing section is the only portion that won't receive a score. Nevertheless, it's important because it gives you a chance to show your argumentative and writing skills to potential law schools. You have 35 minutes to complete it.

The score you get on the LSAT exam is based on your raw score, which is the number of questions you answer correctly. Since questions on all of the sections are weighted the same way, the number of correct answers you have accounts for your score, not which questions you get right or wrong. On the test, you'll earn at least a score of 120 and at most 180. Don't worry too much about incorrect answers, because they don't count towards your raw score. There's no harm in guessing, and you're highly encouraged to do so since you won't be penalized.

How does a New York City LSAT class assist me with studying for the exam?

Each class is conducted in a virtual atmosphere, so you can engage in lessons from any location that offers a stable internet connection. All classes have new sessions that begin every week, making it easy for you to study for the test and still have time to tend to other responsibilities. Enroll in a two-week class if you want a quick review of the LSAT. A four-week class is ideal for those who desire more study time. Upon signing up for a New York City LSAT class, you can start partaking in study sessions.

When you join a New York City LSAT course, you'll interact with other students and a teacher. All of you will work together in group discussions and activities to review the LSAT. For example, if you want to practice your essay-writing skills for the Writing portion, you can choose a topic and write about why you're for or against a certain subject. You can also go over the Logical Reasoning section by choosing passages from various sources and then analyzing the writers' arguments. They can help you with strengthening your skills in understanding complex text for the Reading Comprehension section. One specific thing that many test takers struggle with when it comes to exams is comprehending test questions. The teacher might suggest you take your time reading the questions before answering because reading questions at a slower pace is more likely to help you notice details. They can also share relaxation techniques to try to calm test anxiety. You may even make some friends in your sessions.

If you want, you can ask the teacher for one-on-one assistance on anything you have trouble with. Each instructor has gone through an in-depth interviewing procedure to ensure top-notch communication and subject knowledge. They can offer help on how to isolate answers when two or more of them sound correct. If you want to know how to create a well-written essay for the Writing portion, they can offer an outline to serve as a guide.

How do I sign up for a New York City LSAT course?

By enrolling in an LSAT prep course, you're taking the first step towards pursuing your goals. It doesn't just play a major role in the exam - taking the course can help you with learning skills that you will need to do well in law school and in any law-related occupation you choose. We'll back you up whether you want to sign up for a weekend course or one that takes place on a weekday evening.

Getting started with a New York City LSAT course is a cinch. You just have to pick up the phone and dial our number or submit a contact form to reach out to us. If you want to sign up today, or if you have other inquiries, please contact a Varsity Tutors educational consultant.

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