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Are you currently in the process of working toward your Psychology degree and looking to take on less nerve-racking course loads while attending college? If so, then you probably are in the process of prepping for the Psychology College-Level Examination Program, also known as the “CLEP.” Before the day of your examination, you will need to make sure you are completely ready for whatever inquiries are on the Psychology CLEP. Being completely ready means having many study tools that are within reach. An easily obtainable and fun tool to make use of is Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools Question of the Day.

The Question of the Day provides you with an engaging daily test practice for the Psychology CLEP. The Question of the Day is a great tool for those who simply need a quick Psychology refresher every day leading up to the examination day. The questions asked by the tool are based on Psychology CLEP study materials that you are most likely already acquainted with. The main goal is to answer each Question of the Day flawlessly. However, answering a question incorrectly is nothing to feel discouraged about. If the Question of the Day is answered wrongly, the tool will then allow you to see which areas of Psychology you need to further concentrate on.

By using this tool frequently, you will have the opportunity to go over several different questions that are on the Psychology CLEP. In turn, you then will have a better understanding of all things Psychology and you will be that much closer to being ready for your big exam day. The Question of the Day gets its questions from several Psychology CLEP tests that are accessible to you on Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools website. These tests include all varieties of Psychology topics that may be asked on the actual exam. Some of the topics include ethics in research, experimental research methods, clinical research methods, correlational research methods, the history of psychology, biological approaches, behavioral approaches, cognitive approaches, humanistic approaches, psychodynamic approaches, genetics, receptor processes, hypnosis and meditation, sleep and dreaming, classical conditioning, biological basis, language, intelligence and creativity, thinking and problem solving, gender identity and sex roles, and so many more. The Question of the Day is there to provide you with challenging, quick, and fun Psychology CLEP practice.

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Become skilled in all of the topics covered on the Psychology CLEP by frequently using Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools. Use the Question of the Day for an everyday test review that will help you stay on course while you’re studying for the Psychology CLEP. Better yet, use all of the free Psychology Learning Tools to thoroughly prepare for the Psychology CLEP.

Question of the Day: CLEP Psychology

What is the nature of a Type II error?
Concluding that no relationship exists between two variables of interest when actually one is present.
Letting participants leave the study without giving them clarification information
Failing to ensure that test results have a significance level of 95 percent.
Proposing that a relationship exists between two variables when it actually does not.

You can use the CLEP Psychology Question of the Day to get into the habit of thinking about Psychology content on a daily basis when studying for the CLEP exam. Varsity Tutors' CLEP Psychology Questions of the Day are drawn from each topic and question type covered on the CLEP Psychology exam.


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