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Varsity Tutors offers CMT prep courses for financial professionals who are considering the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) certification. If you get CMT certified, this can potentially demonstrate your technical analysis skills to employers to improve your stature with potential employers. If you want to take a CMT course so you can improve the way you study for the CMT certification exam, contact Varsity Tutors today for more details.

Individuals like chief investment officers, researchers, RISs investment strategists, portfolio managers, and hedge fund managers may be interested in taking a CMT course so they can develop technical study skills. The CMT Program was developed and is administered by the CMT Association to further develop analytical and technical skills. Individuals in this field benefit from a specific code of ethics as detailed in the CMT program, which you can review in a CMT class.

If you want to increase your confidence level before getting CMT certified, working with a private tutor in a CMT class can help you. Trying to gain proficiency in all three levels of CMT certification can seem like a daunting task. However, when you work with a tutor and take CMT courses, you can develop study skills to help you cover all the material on the exam.

CMT certification involves mastering the three levels. CMT Level I focuses on the basic concepts and terminology. Level II measures competency levels in how techniques, theory, and concepts are applied. Level III focuses on basic concepts from the first level and the practical application from level two. The chart below describes the percentages of specific topics in each level which you can review with your tutor in a CMT prep course:

Topic % of Level 1 % of Level 2 % of Level 3
Chart and Pattern Analysis 23% 15% 0%
Confirmation 3% 6% 0%
Cycles 5% 3% 0%
Selection and Decision making 13% 10% 0%
System Testing 5% 10% 0%
Statistical Analysis 6% 7% 0%
Ethics 3% 3% 5%
Theory and History 9% 5% 0%
Markets 5% 0% 0%
Market Indicators 7% 8% 0%
Chart Construction 5% 3% 0%
Trend Analysis 16% 15% 0%
Risk Management 0% 15% 21%
Asset Relationships 0% 0% 18%
Portfolio Management 0% 0% 18%
Behavioral Finance 0% 0% 10%
Volatility Analysis 0% 0% 7%
Classic Methods 0% 0% 21%

Focused study is an important part of building your confidence level for taking an exam. Your tutor is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the exam sections that you should study for. With CMT classes, you can get customized tutoring to help gauge your current knowledge of the material. This reference point can be helpful to the tutor so your sessions can be tailored to your specific learning needs.

For example, you may perform better through visual learning, so a tutor can provide graphical representations of CMT concepts. If you learn better through auditory techniques, the tutor can offer a Q&A study format to better prepare you for the exam day.

You will be referred to a tutor who best matches your scheduling needs. Face-to-face study sessions online are also available through our Live Learning Platform.

Your tutor can help you prepare for the various exam sections like System Testing, Trend Analysis, Risk Management, and Asset Relationships. You can review the listing below with your tutor during the CMT prep class to build your confidence level for getting CMT certified.

  • Exam Sections
    • Chart and Pattern Analysis
    • Confirmation
    • Cycles
    • Selection and Decision making
    • System Testing
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Ethics
    • Theory and History
    • Markets
    • Market Indicators
    • Chart Construction
    • Trend Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Asset Relationships
    • Portfolio Management
    • Behavioral Finance
    • Volatility Analysis
    • Classic Methods

If you want to get to know how taking CMT prep classes could benefit the way you study for the CMT certification exam, our Educational Directors are available to answer questions you may have. Contact Varsity Tutors to get started today!

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