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If you are hoping to become a surgical technologist and have a CST exam coming up, you can find CST prep courses with the help of Varsity Tutors. We can help you sign up for CST prep classes that will allow you to work with a skilled instructor in a one-on-one setting. By taking advantage of these one-on-one CST classes, you can receive many benefits that do not come along with working in a traditional classroom.

Every CST class session can be prepared to fit your needs as they happen. Your first CST course will be spent with your instructor figuring out where you stand and finding what level you should begin with. They can use this information to build a foundation to plan a set of CST courses that tackle your most challenging areas. This entire time, your tutor can track your progress and make adjustments to the CST course lesson plan as you go. For instance, if you have mastered the concepts of perioperative care, your instructor can change the CST class to focus on basic science concepts. The flexibility in teaching helps your tutor make your study time efficient and effective.

The CST covers the skills and knowledge that are necessary for entry-level surgical technology settings. Your tutor can track down any gaps in your knowledge and address them during the sessions so you can get caught up. If you are having difficulties with ancillary duties, it would be a lot better to get a head start on studying the information.

As you go through the customized sessions of your CST prep course, you will be trying to familiarize yourself with the format of the exam. Below is a table that lays out the sections and how many questions you can expect in each section:

Section Questions
Perioperative Care 91
Ancillary Duties 26
Basic Science 33
Total 150

Now that you know how many questions to expect in each section, here is a comprehensive list of each section and what topics each section covers:

Section Breakdown:

  • Perioperative Care
    • Preoperative Preparation
    • Intraoperative Procedures
    • Postoperative Procedures
  • Ancillary Duties
    • Administrative and Personnel
    • Equipment Sterilization and Maintenance
  • Basic Science
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Microbiology
    • Surgical Pharmacology

In addition to helping you tap into the material you will encounter on the exam, CST tutors can also help you with valuable test-taking tips and strategies as well. Additionally, if you are someone who has some test anxiety, your tutor can share relaxation exercises with you to help you focus and relieve your anxiety on test day. This can help you build your time management skills, improve your overall test-taking skills, and help relieve any test anxiety you may have.

If you are ready to get the CST prep help that you need, feel free to contact Varsity Tutors. We can help you find an instructor who best matches your schedule needs. Also, you can use the Live Learning Platform that allows you to schedule and attend classes online from anywhere with a stable internet connection. This allows you to get the help you need without the pressure of meeting someone physically. We are looking forward to meeting and getting to know you, so please contact us today. Together we can work to reach for your CST score goals with a CST prep class.

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