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The Varsity Tutors GRE Subject Test Math Mobile App

If you are planning on applying to graduate school to receive an advanced degree, depending on your degree program, you might need to take the GRE. While this standardized test can be overwhelming and stressful to prepare for, the Varsity Tutors GRE Subject Test mobile apps can assist you along the way. This app is available on iTunes or the Google Play Store, and it is designed to help you supplement your learning through convenient study sessions available on your portable devices.

If you will be taking the GRE Subject Test in Math, there are a number of concepts that you will be required to know. The test is extensive, and it covers various algebraic concepts, calculus, and trigonometry. Fortunately, the GRE Math Subject Test mobile app has resources for all of these subjects and can help you get the most out of your learning experience.

When you access your mobile learning program, you will be able to utilize a number of resources designed to help you efficiently get the studying needed to prepare for your upcoming exam. If you are looking for a quick way to review, try starting your morning off answering the Question of the Day. This feature gives you a new problem to solve every day, and it’s a great way to help you mentally prepare for your study content.

If a full review or learning sessions is what you need, the Learn by Concept feature on your app acts as an interactive textbook. Here, the content is divided up into different sections, similar to chapters, which explain important material for each topic. You can assess your knowledge of exponents, linear algebra, inequalities, matrices, probability and statistics, and a number of other concepts. After getting the review you need to succeed, try practicing with the flashcards. There are hundreds of flashcards available, and they allow you to test your knowledge while reinforcing the concepts you have already learned.

Once you feel that you have reviewed enough, try accessing one of the practice tests. Each program has a number of short-length practice tests that cover a variety of subjects. Many of them are also topic specific, and they are designed to evaluate your knowledge in specific areas of your exam. These tests are a great way to check your strengths and weaknesses, and since every answer comes with a detailed explanation, they also can help you learn new material. If you want to see how you could do on the actual exam, try completing one of the Full-Length Practice Tests. Unlike their shorter counterparts, these tests are much longer and evaluate your knowledge of the entire subject. Since they are designed to emulate the actual exam, they are an excellent way to mentally prepare for test day while getting the practice needed to succeed. Both the short and Full-Length practice tests also provide a thorough analysis that explains the correct answers and how they were reached, the time it took you to complete each question, and a comparison of how you performed relative to other test takers.

By incorporating the Varsity Tutors GRE Math Subject Test mobile app into your daily study routine, you are giving yourself a balanced study regimen that can help prepare you for test day. The program is free and available for iOS and Android Devices. Because it is available for smartphones, you have the opportunity to turn any moment into a study session.

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The GRE, or the Graduate Record Examination, is a standardized exam that was designed by the Educational Testing Service in the United States. The primary goal of the exam is to determine how well you will do when faced with the rigorous coursework of a graduate-level mathematics program. The paper-based test is required for a majority of math Ph.D. programs. After completion, you will receive a score between the range of 200 and 990. In 2001, the exam was redesigned to “The Mathematics Subject Test (Rescaled).” If you want your application to post-secondary education to stand out, you can showcase your best talents in math on the GRE Math Subject Test. Students are tested on a variety of math concepts and must complete the assessment in just under three hours. You can prepare for the exam with practice tests and other powerful study tools by downloading Varsity Tutors’ free GRE Subject Test in Math app for iPhones, iPads, and Android-powered devices.

The GRE Math Subject Test consists of 66 questions in a multiple-choice format. These are taken from the math courses that are traditionally available for undergraduates. Half the questions on the exam relate to calculus and its numerous applications, which is vital to nearly every math major available. The other half is split into two quarters. One-quarter focuses on elementary-level algebra, number theory, abstract algebra, and linear algebra. The other quarter assesses your skills in other areas of math that undergraduates study. The content contained within the exam is detailed. You may spend several weeks preparing for the exam.

The GRE Math Subject Test will require that you demonstrate proficiency in a number of important concepts. The calculus section of the exam covers the material that you should have learned during your coursework from elementary calculus and onward. Though the section spans a lot of sub-concepts, you must be able to perform basic algebraic equations, solve for variables, draw connections using coordinate geometry, and work with trigonometric problems. You will need to be able to work with real-world problems in a reasonable manner while demonstrating an understanding for each of the problems you solve. This concept and the rest of the curriculum are all covered in the GRE Subject Test in Math app from Varsity Tutors. You can download it for free from iTunes and the Google Play Store.

When you begin on the algebra portion of the GRE Math Subject Test, you will need to be able to manipulate basic equations using techniques that you learned early on in your math classes. You will have to pull from your algebra training to solve the algebraic questions on the exam. Some of the problems on the exam pull from elementary algebra concepts that you learned early on in high school. You will need to be able to perform basic algebra manipulations using techniques, such as factoring, properties of operations, and more. These are not only important concepts for future coursework, but they can serve as valuable time-saving strategies as you work with long-form equations.

Aside from elementary algebra, there are two other types of algebraic questions you will face. Linear algebra is a branch of math that deals with linear equations. It tasks you with solving mathematical and word problems that require you to calculate for linear transformations between planes and vectors. You may have to take data from a spreadsheet and place it onto a graph, which essentially charts out your equations. You may need to explain the relationship between two matrices or apply this knowledge to a real-world concept. You will be tasked with displaying the organizational skills necessary to work with and analyze various details of a matrix. Here, you will apply a number of strategies and techniques to arrive at the appropriate answer.

The algebra section of the exam also covers number theory and the abstract side of algebra. Though each are separate, they connect deeply, which means you need to have the ability to work with both. The exam will assess your ability to work with properties that form abstract groups, which is abstract algebra or modern algebra. You’ll need to be able to work with a variety of structures, such as vector spaces, rings, modules, and lattices. There are many basic concepts that relate to these particular questions, such as the idea of set theory. By applying the concepts of sets, inverses, identities, and hierarchy, you can solve a variety of problems in the additional mathematics section. A knowledge of abstract algebra and of number theory are necessary to solve the questions you will face on integers, modular algebra, and more.

You will face concepts on the exam that may not be something you have experienced before, but Varsity Tutors’ free GRE Subject Test in Math app for iOS and Android devices can help you get an idea of what you will see. These are questions that relate to concepts you can begin learning about upon enrolling in graduate school. These are available to assess how well you can apply your knowledge of previous math courses to new, unseen problems in order to solve them. It is important that you be able to use reason, as well as provide an explanation of your answers. You will see questions that pertain to an introduction to analysis, which is a course traditionally available to undergraduates. You’ll be required to solve problems that relate to series, probability, function, integration, and other analysis concepts. Furthermore, there are questions on the GRE Math Subject Test that test your understanding of graph theory, logic, algorithms, and other discrete math concepts that you will learn in college. You will also solve problems that involve complex variables, topology, statistics, and geometry, among others. There are only a quarter of these types of questions on the exam.

The GRE Math Subject Test is detailed and focused. It spans a broad number of concepts in 66 questions, allowing potential schools to analyze your mathematical potential, as well as your skills. As each concept influences the next step, you must be able to think on your feet while taking the exam. Knowledge of strategies that allow to quickly work through a problem are a necessity. As you prepare for the exam, it is important to consider going back to each concept to ensure that you’ve mastered it in full. By accomplishing your best on the exam, you can show schools that you are truly prepared. Take your studying wherever you go with Varsity Tutors’ free GRE Subject Test in Math app. Download it today from iTunes or the Google Play Store.