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The Varsity Tutors Learning Tools App

Looking for extra study help? Access thousands of study tools for dozens of subjects and standardized tests with the Varsity Tutors Learning Tools app for Apple and Android devices. You can study a specific course, or use this tool to get prepared for the GRE or SAT. With a comprehensive range of materials and the ability to customize your study sessions, the app makes all of the educational content from Varsity Tutors available on your mobile device.

Study up on your subject of choice, or take a full-length test to assess your knowledge level. Whether you’re studying math, science, biochemistry, or AP Art History, the Varsity Tutors Learning Tools app will get you the right study materials at the tap of a finger. Each question is followed by detailed feedback. You can work on any topic you find challenging. If you’re working with a parent, teacher, or tutor, you can even share your results. The learning experience is completely customizable. Use the premade flashcards, or build your own using the audio, photo, and text features. You can tailor the learning experience to your needs.
With this app, you can choose from hundreds of individual subjects and standardized tests. From the ACT and PSAT to mathematical topics like Algebra, Advanced Geometry, or AP Calculus AB, the Varsity Tutors Learning Tools app has you covered. In the app, you’ll find flashcards and practice questions for AP subjects from English to Environmental Science. Individual apps for elementary-, middle school-, and high school-level subjects and the SAT, MCAT, ISEE, and GMAT exams are also available. The app can help you brush up on your skills, or you can use it as an effective study supplement.

This powerful resource for your mobile device enables you to study on the go, and you can choose how long your study session will be. The materials are professionally selected and are based on content that has appeared on previous exams. This direct approach to review means you’ll study smarter, not harder. The app instantly shows you where you need improvement and guides you to the resources that can help you fill in any gaps in your knowledge.

Just like on a real test, the concept-specific and full-length tests immediately give you your score and percentile ranking. You can compare your performance to others or to your own previous attempts. A timer enables you to challenge yourself even further by trying to increase your speed with each attempt.

The content available on the Varsity Tutors Learning Tools app is extensive, giving you a thorough overview of any subject you need to work with. From history to psychology, science, and math, the app is flexible and allows you to study any type of material, anytime you choose. The Varsity Tutors Learning Tools app, now available for Android, iPhone, and iPad, is intuitive and provides you with the ultimate all-in-one study tool. Download it from iTunes or the Google Play Store today, and find all the resources you’ll need to master the concepts in your area of study.

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The Varsity Tutors Mobile App is perfect for students of any age who are seeking powerful, comprehensive review materials. Available for iOS and Android devices, the free app covers 40+ different general subjects, specific courses, and standardized tests. The app contains myriad resources you can use as you work toward mastering your subject or test’s relevant concepts. Plus, the convenience of having a wealth of review materials available on your phone or tablet makes it easy for you to fit in a study session anytime you like.

Standardized tests range from elementary-level assessment tests to graduate school admissions examinations. At some point in your education, you’re likely to face one (or more) of these. For those preparing for the private or independent school admissions process, the mobile app can help with review for the Elementary, Middle, and Upper Level SSAT, and for the Lower, Middle, and Upper Level ISEE. If you are a high school student who is planning to attend college, you’ll have to take at least one standardized test in your sophomore, junior, or senior year. Since your performance on these standardized tests can play a major role in admissions decisions, you will want to create and stick to a study plan that meets your needs. To do this, try using out the content that covers the ACT, PSAT, and SAT.

Students who have a keen interest in a specific field of study can also download the app to review for several SAT Subject Tests. Formerly known as SAT II, these additional exams allow you to demonstrate your proficiency and passion for a subject. Scoring well on these tests may also boost your chances of admission to a certain college or specific program. The mobile app’s tools for the SAT Subject Test in Math I or Math II can help you review the math concepts on which you may need to spend a little extra time. If you’re a history buff, there are resources for the SAT Subject Test in World History and U.S. History to help you bone up on your facts. These tests are a great way to exhibit your enthusiasm and initiative to admissions boards.

If you arrive at college with a solid background in humanities, you may be interested in testing out of intro-level college classes in literature, art, music, and other performing arts by taking the CLEP Humanities exam. Performing well on this test can save you both time and money. The CLEP Humanities material on the app is an ideal resource to have as you review the concepts you’ll need to know on test day.

As you progress through your undergraduate education, you may decide to attend graduate school to pursue a master’s degree. The standardized tests you’ll encounter at this level assess your likelihood of success in a particular program or course of study. If you’re interested in applying to business schools, the GRE and GMAT materials on the app are a convenient way to brush up on your quantitative, reading comprehension, and verbal skills. The LSAT section of the app provides plenty of support for those potential Law School students reviewing logic games and analytical reasoning, and the MCAT section makes it easy for you to review concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology if you’re thinking of pursuing a medical career. There’s also a section that can help you review for the GRE Biology Subject Test, which can help fortify your application for a graduate-level science degree. Each of these sections provide fully customizable review opportunities, so you’re only working with material that’s relevant to you.

At one time or another, every student will face a mathematics class. There are resources for a wide variety of math subjects, from elementary- to upper-level courses. Younger students can use the Basic Arithmetic section of the app to boost their skills, while older students can start off on the right foot by navigating to the section that covers High School Math. There are also materials available for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Intermediate Geometry, Advanced Geometry, and Trigonometry. The subject-specific mathematics sections of the app are great for middle school, high school, and college students alike.

You’ll also find a wealth of Advanced Placement (AP) material when you download the app, in subjects from the arts to the sciences. If you’re enrolled in an AP-level course, you should spend an adequate amount of time reviewing the applicable concepts before you take the end-of-course AP exam. A strong score on an AP exam can translate into college credit at some institutions. In math and science, the app has materials for AP Microeconomics, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Chemistry. There are also resources for liberal arts-related courses, like AP Art History, AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP European History, AP U.S. Government, and AP Psychology. The app contains a comprehensive overview of each of these subjects, broken down by the relevant main topics and associated concepts.

Students who are looking for science review are in the right place. There are also materials for high school-level science courses like biology, chemistry, and physics that can help you understand and keep up with the concepts in your courses throughout the year. They’re also helpful for unit test review and midterm or final exam preparation. Upper- and collegiate-level science classes are covered, too. Taking classes like Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry can seem overwhelming, but thankfully, the app is packed with need-to-know information that can help you stay on-track as you build a solid scientific foundation.

Whether you are an elementary school student seeking help with Basic Arithmetic skills, a high schooler who wants to brush up on AP Art History facts, or a prospective grad student who would like to review essential GMAT concepts, the free Varsity Tutors Mobile App has you covered. The app is available from iTunes and the Google Play Store. With the comprehensive, intuitive resources provided by the app, you will have the opportunity to dive into specific concepts, take full-length practice tests, or review flashcard sets no matter where you are. The convenience and flexibility provided by the app makes it easy for you to fit a study session into your free time.