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If you want to give yourself the best chance possible to improve your SAT test prep process, you can contact Varsity Tutors and sign up for an online Philadelphia SAT course. You can sign up for two- or four-week sections, and they're designed to be as convenient as possible. New classes start each week, and different sections run at different times of the weekdays and weekends.

In a class, a professional instructor leads a group of students like you in a live, interactive classroom. You have the benefit of both professional instruction and classmates who can share ideas and tips they might have learned along the way.

Each college or university you apply to will consider your SAT score along with the rest of your application materials, and it will help admissions boards make choices. Your score may also be used to decide which classes you should be placed in for your freshman year. Why not take advantage of a high-quality SAT course to enhance your test prep studies?

What subjects will I be able to study in a Philadelphia SAT course?

The SAT has three required sections: Math, Reading, and Writing and Language. There's also an optional Essay, which is not necessarily optional as certain schools or major programs might require this score. Be sure to look into this before deciding whether or not to complete the SAT Essay. Let's take a brief look at each section you'll examine in depth during your Philadelphia SAT class sessions.

The Math section has 58 questions that you must complete in 80 minutes. Of those, there are 20 questions that don't allow you to use a calculator. Your abilities in algebra, data analysis, problem-solving, and advanced math topics will be tested. You need to be able to solve problems quickly using inspection, finding shortcuts, and applying the solutions to real-life scenarios.

The Reading section consists of 52 questions for you to answer within 65 minutes. You'll answer multiple-choice questions about five to six passages. You'll be evaluated on your command of evidence, understanding of words in context, and ability to make inferences and draw conclusions from the information presented. You must also understand how word choice can affect style, tone, and even the meaning of a passage.

The Writing and Language section is set up similarly to the Reading section, in that it consists of passages followed by a total of 44 multiple-choice questions. You have 35 minutes to answer them all. You'll be tasked with improving text in a number of ways, such as sharpening the claims made, adding relevant details to support claims, improving word choice through context clues, and using more appropriate words to convey the correct tone and style. You'll also correct things like punctuation, sentence structure, and other standard English language conventions.

The Essay task allows 50 minutes to complete the entire process of reading a passage, analyzing it, organizing your response, and writing it clearly and concisely. You will assess the author's use of evidence to support their claims, logical reasoning to connect ideas and claims, and persuasive elements to sway the reader. You're not responding with your opinion or personal response, but rather analyzing the piece for its effectiveness.

The material on each section of the SAT will be covered in as much detail as needed. If you need more instruction on something the rest of your classmates seem to have mastered, you can request individual time with your instructor outside of sessions to get caught up, so there is no reason to worry about missing anything.

How do Philadelphia SAT classes help me prepare for the exam?

Studying in a collaborative environment could increase a student's ability to learn and retain information and skills. An SAT course allows you to work virtually alongside students studying for the same test as you. This is one way your class can help you prepare for the SAT.

Standardized exams like the SAT aren't the same as classroom quizzes and tests. They're developed for an entirely different purpose, and therefore, they look different and have their own set of rules and guidelines. There's a lot you can do to prepare for the SAT in addition to content review.

For example, your instructor may spend part of your Philadelphia SAT course describing the details of the test day. No matter where you are, the doors to the testing location open at 7:45 AM and close at 8:00 AM. You must arrive on time. The testing then begins between 8:30 and 9:00 and lasts for 3 hours for the required sections plus an extra 50 minutes for the Essay. You're given one 10-minute break and one 5-minute break, and finish up either at about noon or 1:00 PM, depending on whether you write the Essay. Your instructor can also go over other helpful information, like what you may and may not bring with you into the testing location.

This type of information can help you feel familiar with the exam process even before you ever take the SAT. Many people have testing anxiety, which can be exacerbated by the test's importance. Much of this anxiety is experienced due to fear of the unknown, so becoming as informed as possible about all aspects of the exam can help alleviate a lot of that anxiety.

How can I get signed up for a Philadelphia SAT prep course?

Fitting a Philadelphia SAT course into your schedule is simple and convenient when you reach out to Varsity Tutors. You may want to meet with your SAT classmates while you sip coffee at Uncle Bob's Coffee and Books before your classes begin at Germantown Friends School, in an empty classroom during your study hall period at Conestoga Senior High School, or at home on the weekend. Varsity Tutors can find you an option that meets your needs. To get signed up for a Philadelphia SAT class, contact Varsity Tutors today. We can set you up with an SAT course that starts as soon as you like.

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