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Varsity Tutors offers PSAT prep to students who are getting ready for the various versions of the PSAT. If you think PSAT tutoring can help your student learn better test-taking skills, contact Varsity Tutors today. With PSAT preparation, your student's confidence level in their understanding of the material can increase.

The PSAT is a series of standardized tests that are designed to give students in 10th and 11th grade the opportunity practice for the rigors of the SAT. Additionally, those students who take the PSAT/NMSQT exam can qualify as a National Merit scholar if they score well. The PSAT 10 are the same tests as the PSAT/NMSQT, but are taken in the spring, and do not qualify one to be a National Merit scholar. The PSAT 8/9 is designed for students in the eighth and ninth grades for an assessment of their academic abilities. The results can indicate their readiness for future college exams. PSAT test prep will be conducted in a private learning environment where your student can ask any questions. The one-on-one PSAT class creates a great opportunity for a tutor to respond to each question and give the student more attention than in a classroom setting. PSAT classes are conducted in distraction-free settings to help your student improve their focus on the material that needs to be studied.

Your student can benefit from PSAT prep when preparing to take the PSAT 10 or PSAT/NMSQT as well by getting an academic assessment. In the first session of PSAT test prep, a tutor can assess the student to identify weak and strong areas. Having a baseline of current knowledge can help a tutor create a specific lesson plan to maximize the PSAT course. Time won't be wasted during PSAT prep because a tutor can focus on those weak areas first.

A tutor can provide timed practice tests during PSAT test prep so your student can get an idea of how the exam day may go. The practice test results will let a tutor know what the student needs to review further during the PSAT courses. For example, some students may need assistance in learning relaxation techniques to help them prepare for the possible stress of the day. PSAT tutors can help students learn how to relax and refocus their mind so they can more easily remember material.

The following list details topics that are covered on the PSAT 10 and PSAT/NMSQT. A tutor can incorporate topics such as the following into PSAT test prep sessions to help your student prepare for the exam:

  • Linear expressions
  • Linear equations
  • Solving multi-step problems
  • Comparing linear and exponential growth
  • Quadratic functions
  • Solving quadratic equations
  • Command of evidence
  • Analyze social studies, science, and history passages
  • Understanding words in context

PSAT preparation can help students learn better study techniques to improve the way they review the information that can be tested on the exam. Every student is unique and learns best in specific ways. PSAT tutors can help ascertain whether your student is an auditory or visual learner. If they learn better by hearing, a tutor can plan Q&A sessions to help them learn how to understand words in context. Students may learn better through visual techniques, and a tutor can show graphs and charts on how to solve multi-step problems.

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