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As your high school student nears their Regents exams, you can sign them up to get expert Regents prep assistance through Regents courses offered by Varsity Tutors. We can connect them with a unique kind of Regents course, in which they receive private Regents tutoring. When you contact Varsity Tutors, let us know if your student needs Regents test prep help for the standard Regents exams or those for Advanced or Honors designation, and we can match them with a Regents prep instructor who is familiar with the tests they'll be taking.

You can provide your student with valuable guidance in their Regents test prep through options offered by Varsity Tutors. The state of New York requires students to meet minimum academic achievement before they can graduate, and it's worth the effort to have them work with an experienced Regents test prep professional to improve their study and test-taking skills. By signing them up for Regents courses through us, you're giving them all the benefits of customized learning through one-on-one Regents tutoring. Regents classes aren't just helpful if your student is struggling with some subjects. Quality assistance with their Regents prep can be an advantage for students working to earn Advanced or Honors distinctions on their diplomas. Every New York student deserves to receive some extra help with their Regents test preparation.

How can a Regents course near me help my student understand and meet the requirements for the exams?

In order to meet the exam requirements, your student first has to know what they are. This information will differ depending on which Regents diploma they're studying for, so as mentioned above, Varsity Tutors will connect you with a Regents test prep instructor who's knowledgeable about their goals.

Requirements may be the first thing Regents tutors discuss in your student's Regents class. For a standard Regents diploma, they need to pass (earn a score of 65 or higher) on the English Language Arts exam, and pass at least one Math, one Science, and one Social Studies exam. Finally, they must pass a fifth Regents Exam in any subject they choose. One reason students earning an Advanced Regents diploma may want help with their Regents test prep is that in addition to the above exams, a student studying for an Advanced diploma also needs to pass two additional Math exams, one Living Environment, one additional Science, a Government, and either a Global or US History exam. Students can earn additional Honors designations by achieving much higher scores, such as 85 or 90, on the required exams or a selection of exams. You can see how expert help with their Regents preparation can help all kinds of students.

When do I need to obtain Regents test prep near me to help my student study for each of the Regent's tests?

New York requires students to pass at least five Regents tests, but there's not a schedule set in stone as to which tests are taken in which grades. However, it is possible to take some exams, such as Algebra I, as early as eighth grade. Once they enter high school, students are continually working towards their Regents, so your student may want to take a Regents course each year focusing on the exams they'll be taking. The consistency your student can experience through an annual Regents course, followed by the exam, and then the ability to review their results with their parents, teachers, and Regents tutors, can act as a routine for your student. They may be able to retake certain exams if they don't initially pass, so yearly Regents prep classes may help build a familiarity that could be beneficial over time. Becoming more comfortable with the whole exam experience may be one way their Regents courses can help them work to improve their scores.

If you're looking for Regents classes to help your student prepare to retake exams they didn't pass in a previous year, Regents tutors can examine their scores from the previous test, and may provide a practice test or section so they can observe how your student answers questions and what obstacles they're facing. This could help them come up with a customized Regents test preparation plan based on your student's individual needs, which is one of the greatest benefits of Regents prep courses provided by Varsity Tutors.

How can Regents tutoring near me help my student study the content and structure that they'll find on the exams they're taking?

Your student's Regents test prep instructor can help them delve into all the content they may see on the Regents exam or exams they're preparing to take. The Regents prep professionals you'll find through Varsity Tutors are familiar with the exams and they know what will be on each one. All students must pass the English Language Arts Regents exam. Students are given 3 hours to complete the three sections, each of which consists of reading one or more passages and answering different types of questions. The Reading Comprehension section includes multiple-choice questions, the Writing from Sources: Argument section requires an argument essay, and the Text Analysis section requires a 2- to 3-paragraph response.

Students must also pass one of two Social Studies exams, the United States History and Government exam or the Global History and Geography exam. Your student's Regents test prep instructor can review the content found on each exam and explain their format, which is the same for each. The first part consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, the second part is a thematic essay question, the third part involves 7-8 short-answer questions based on documents provided, and the final part is a document-based essay. Both exams take about 3 hours to complete.

All students have to pass at least one of the Math Regents, and to earn an Advanced Diploma, your student needs to pass all three, likely by taking one each year after taking the related math class. Your student's Regents class can include Regents test prep time spent on the content each year as well as the way questions will be presented. The Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II Regents exams each begin with 24 multiple-choice questions followed by 12 or 13 short-answer or constructed-response questions. Three hours is the maximum time allowed for each exam.

If you're curious what types of questions your student may see in math, particularly on the Algebra I section, review these practice questions as an example:

Algebra I Practice Questions

  • Which values are included in the interval: [0, 6)?
    • -(1/2), 0, (1/2), 1
    • 0, (1/2), 1, π
    • (1/2), 1, π, 6
    • 1, π, 3, 2π
  • Evaluate 1.13x + 21.5y + 13.22 where x is 4 and y is -2.35
    • 0
    • 68.265
    • -32.785
    • -38.825

Students must also pass at least one Science Regents. The Biology and Chemistry Regents each take 3 hours, the same as the majority of the exams, and are made up of different combinations of multiple-choice, free-response, and constructed-response questions. The Earth Science Regents includes a lab component, which is usually taken two weeks before the written exam. Below you will find a couple of practice questions similar to ones your student might find on the written portion of the Earth Science Regents:

  • Using a ruler to measure the length of a stick is an example of
    • predicting the length of the stick by guessing
    • measuring the rate of change of the stick by making inferences
    • calculating the percent of error by using a proportion
    • extending the sense of sight by using an instrument
  • Which statement about cumulus cloud seen over Syracuse, N.Y., is an inference
    • The cloud has an irregular shape
    • The cloud formed over Lake Ontario
    • The cloud appears white
    • The base of the cloud is determined to be 2.6km about ground

Why should I consider signing my student up for Regents classes near me?

There are many benefits of taking the Regents classes provided by Varsity Tutors. One is the opportunity for them to have customized Regents tutoring sessions based on their specific needs. There is no cookie cutter Regents prep syllabus, so your student's tutor can rearrange each lesson plan to meet their needs as they stand at that moment. If they're a master at mathematics, they can spend less Regents prep time focusing on math and more of their valuable Regents preparation time and effort on the other exams like English Language Arts or Science.

There is far more flexibility allowed in scheduling and content when you sign your student up for individual Regents prep tutoring than there would be a full Regents class taught in a large group. If your student values individual attention, has a unique set of study needs that not many students are likely to share, or needs the greatest amount of scheduling flexibility possible, it might be best to set them up with individual Regents prep tutoring sessions. Even if your student generally enjoys the normal classroom setting found in their school classes, it can be helpful to prepare for the exam in private Regents test prep classes, since there is a limited time to cover everything. It's easier to quickly build a trusting relationship with their tutor, which can be a significant factor in successful test preparation.

What other kinds of Regents test preparation can my student expect, in addition to content review?

There is more to Regents test prep than content review. One advantage students who have grown up in New York have in taking these standardized tests is that they have been taking similar standardized exams in English Language Arts, Math, and Science since third grade. The difference with the Regents, other than broader content coverage, is that the stakes are quite a bit higher. The tests your student has taken in earlier years had the purpose of detecting any learning deficiencies with the goal of fixing them before they got out of hand. The Regents, on the other hand, are taken when your student is expected to have already become proficient in each skill tested.

Therefore, in addition to reviewing the necessary content with your student, their tutor can demonstrate strategies your student can practice in order to enhance their study skills. This is another way in which the ability of individual Regents test prep instructors to personally observe your student can be particularly useful. Many tutors assess where students are in their content knowledge in an early session, if not the first, so that they can track their growth in order to customize each lesson. If they use a practice test or practice sections, your student's tutor can also pay close attention to the way they go about answering questions. Based on what they see, they can offer any number of test-taking strategies targeted toward your student's individual needs.

Many of these strategies focus on time management, because each Regents test comes with a time limit. One goal each student should have is to complete all the questions in the time allotted. If their tutor notices that your student has difficulties choosing which multiple-choice question is the most correct answer, they can teach them one or more techniques to target the right answer. Because their Regents test prep tutor is familiar with the way Regents questions are worded, they may spend time discussing the ins and outs of how to read test questions correctly in order to decide exactly what they're asking for. Then they can show your student strategies such as how to quickly eliminate two of the four possible answers and finally pick the best one of the two remaining answers. Contrary to all the advice they've gotten through their years taking classroom tests and quizzes, one of these tips is to trust their first instinct. Many standardized test takers find that they get more questions wrong if they second guess their initial choice by over thinking it and changing the answer.

Test anxiety is something that many students go through, even when they know the content well. Help with their Regents preparation can help with this in two ways. First, the very act of spending a good deal of time reviewing content, taking practice sections to become familiar with exactly what they'll face when they arrive to take the exam, and being encouraged by their tutor can help alleviate some test anxiety. Often, anxiety is a result of fear of the unknown, so knowing they'll face no surprises on test day can help them feel more comfortable.

In other situations, test anxiety doesn't come from a logical cause, and is just something your student may deal with. In these cases, their Regents prep tutor can demonstrate various inconspicuous relaxation and centering exercises your student can do during the exam to clear their mind and return their focus to doing their best on the exam.

To learn more about how Regents test prep tutors can help your student, contact Varsity Tutors now. Our Educational Consultants can answer your questions and get your student signed up to begin right away.

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