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If you would like to provide your student with the best SAT Writing and Language test prep available, Varsity Tutors offers comprehensive SAT Writing and Language courses more than worthy of your consideration. The SAT is a high-stakes college entrance examination with four sections: Math, Reading, Writing and Language, and an Essay (optional). The Writing and Language section places test-takers in the role of editor, as they must correct mistakes intentionally written into the test's passages. If your student could benefit from dedicated SAT Writing and Language prep, an SAT Writing and Language class may be able to help them reach for academic success.

The first part of SAT Writing and Language test prep is developing a solid understanding of the exam's formatting. The table below provides the most important information at a glance:

Question Format # Questions Time Allowed Scoring Range
Multiple-Choice 44 35 Minutes 200-800 (combined with the SAT Reading Test)

As you can see, students only have 35 minutes to complete 44 questions. That's less than a minute per question, so time management is often an integral component of SAT Writing and Language prep. If your student tends to zone out instead of concentrating on the task at hand, SAT Writing and Language tutors may be able to teach them time management strategies to help them make the most of the time available to them.

Here is an example of the types of questions you might see during your student's SAT Writing and Language test prep:

SAT Writing and Language Sample Question

  • This question is based on the following sentence from a provided written passage
    • Kingman, however, vacated from that tradition in a number of ways, most notably in that he chose to focus not on natural landscapes, such as mountains and rivers, but on cities.
      • Choose the best word:
        • NO CHANGE
        • evacuated
        • departed
        • retired

We offer two different SAT Writing and Language classes. The first is a private SAT Writing and Language tutoring session in which students receive individualized attention. Any SAT Writing and Language prep questions can be answered promptly, and there are no time limitations on how long your student can focus on a particular topic.Your student's tutor may also be able to design SAT Writing and Language preparation around their unique learning style. For example, a practical learner might receive extra practice problems from their instructor, while visual aids such as tables and pictures might help illustrate concepts for a more visual learner.

Alternatively, you may enroll in one of our SAT Writing and Language courses. A course is comparable to the SAT Writing and Language class described above, except that your student has several classmates. Everybody is free to help each each other out, fostering a collaborative learning environment that many students may find beneficial. This option still allows you to arrange private study time for your student if they seem to be falling behind. Both of our SAT Writing and Language test preparation options are very good, and some students take both!

We also try to make SAT Writing and Language prep as convenient as possible no matter which option you choose. Your student can study on our exclusive Live Learning Platform, where they can receive face-to-face instruction on their mobile device of choice. We also try to match every student interested in private tutoring with an instructor who suits their scheduling needs. Finally, we offer several Group Courses concurrently so that you may select the best fit for your busy schedule. At Varsity Tutors, we believe that students should never need to rearrange their entire lives just for standardized test prep!

Whether you're ready to enroll today or have a few more questions, Educational Directors are currently standing by to help you in any way they can. Contact Varsity Tutors today to help your student pursue their academic potential!

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