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Varsity Tutors can help you find Seattle SAT prep services to help you increase your self-confidence heading into the test. The SAT is among the world's most well-known standardized exams, generally taken by juniors at local schools such as Lakeside School and Interlake Senior High School as well as students across the country. A good score could potentially help you reach for your educational goals, so this is one exam you want to prepare for well.

Thankfully, we can help equip you to pursue success. If you want to study in an organized classroom environment, we can set you up with a Seattle SAT prep course that provides the structure you're searching for. If you would rather study in a private learning environment, we can match you with a qualified Seattle SAT tutor who can help you work toward your academic goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we may be able to help you!

What subjects can I study during my Seattle SAT prep?

The SAT consists of three mandatory, multiple-choice sections (Math, Writing/Language, Reading) and an optional Essay prompt. Your Math grade is reported on a scale from 200-800, while your Writing/Language and Reading scores are combined into an "Evidence-Based Reading and Writing" score on an identical scale. These two numbers are then summed to get your final composite score on the examination.

If you choose to take it, the SAT's Essay question is scored on a scale from 6-24 and reported separately from the rest of the test. Certain colleges require prospective students to submit a score on their application, so it is best to make sure you can skip it before actually doing so. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect on all four SAT sections:

1. Math

The Mathematics section consists of a total of 58 items over an hour and 20 minutes, but it is divided into two separately-timed subsections. On one of them, you have 55 minutes to answer 38 questions with the help of a calculator. On the other, you have 25 minutes to answer 20 questions and you may not use a calculator. You are only allowed to use certain calculators on the calculator subsection, so make sure you have an admissible device on exam day. The SAT Math section as a whole measures your algebraic knowledge, quantitative problem-solving, and analytical thinking skills.

2. Writing and Language

The Writing and Language section consists of 44 questions over a 35-minute testing session. Most of the questions center on English language conventions such as grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation, but there are also vocabulary items and questions asking you to identify how a piece of writing could be made more effective. The details are very important here, so pay attention to everything in the question!

3. Reading

The Reading section consists of 52 questions that you have an hour and five minutes to answer. All questions on this section are about a reading passage sourced from a broad swath of academia. One is drawn from either American or world literature, 1-2 are primary sources from the Founding period of United States history, one is from a social science such as sociology or economics, and 2-3 are scientific texts on topics such as biology and chemistry. You may see a chart, table, or another graphic on this section, but you will not need to do any math.

4. Essay

The Essay prompt asks test-takers to evaluate how well an author expressed their ideas in an argument. You are instructed to concentrate on their reasoning, evidence, and stylistic decisions when drawing your conclusions. This section measures your written communication skills as well as how well you can use evidence to support your points. You also need reading comprehension skills to understand the text you are analyzing.

What are the benefits of each of my Seattle SAT preparation options?

If you opt for a Seattle SAT prep class, you'll study on a live virtual platform that makes it feel as though you're in the same room with your instructor and classmates. As such, asking for assistance is as easy as raising your hand. Varsity Tutors also vets every instructor we partner with, so you can count on learning from a great communicator with an outstanding knowledge of the SAT.

You might also be surprised by the value of studying with other students brings to the table. First of all, you can all split the cost of the class to get more value for your money in a literal sense. More importantly, the collaborative learning environment you foster can help you develop a more comprehensive understanding of topics on the exam. You might share your best active reading tips for the Reading and Essay sections, or maybe you'll give each other constructive criticism to improve your essay outlining skills. You may even be able to explain a concept to one of your new friends, furthering your own understanding while gaining the satisfaction of helping somebody else. If you ever feel like you're falling behind, you can also arrange private study time with your teacher on an as-needed basis.

If you want more personalized attention, you might want to work with a one-on-one instructor instead. A private educator can introduce new concepts at your pace, whether that means moving more quickly or more slowly than other settings. Your instructor can also adjust their teaching method to your preferred learning style to improve your study efficiency.

We also design all of our products with your scheduling needs in mind. If you want to try a course, we offer two and four-week options to help you find something that works for you. We also start new courses every week, so it's always a great time to pursue educational success. If you opt for private instruction, our proprietary Live Learning Platform facilitates convenient digital study sessions that are just as effective as in-person meetups.

How do I sign up for Seattle SAT prep?

Simply use the contact info on this page to get in touch with an expert educational consultant who would be happy to answer any questions you still have. Varsity Tutors looks forward to playing our small part in your Seattle SAT prep journey!

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