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Series 53 courses from Varsity Tutors work with you as you prepare for this exam. A Series 53 course gives you resources and instruction to make the most of your time. Your Series 53 course helps you prepare according to your needs and situation.

The Series 53 exam is also known as the Municipal Securities Principal Qualification Examination. Passing the Series 53 exam qualifies you to become a Municipal Securities Principal so that you can underwrite, trade, and buy or sell municipal securities. In a Series 53 class, you can learn more about the structure and layout of the exam. Below is a table detailing the format of the exam:

Question Format # Questions Time Allowed Passing Score Corequisites
Multiple-Choice 100 3 Hours 70% Security Industry Essentials (SIE) + Series 52

Your Series 53 class will take place online via our Live Learning Platform. By offering online meeting, we remove an important barrier to Series 53 classes. When you register for a Series 53 prep course, we will connect you to a tutor who meets your availability as closely as possible.

As you work through your Series 53 prep class, you and your instructor can improve your knowledge of the content and ideas that appear on the exam. Because Series 53 prep courses do not have a set syllabus, you are able to decide which content is most important for your preparation. Whether you want to study all content areas a little bit, or you want to study a particular content area in depth, you have the freedom to do that in Series 53 prep classes. Below is a list of key topics and ideas that may appear on the exam:

Series 53 Topics (non-comprehensive)

  • Securities Exchange Act of 1934
  • Rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Bank dealer, customer, discretionary accounts, municipal fund security, and other related terms
  • Qualification and Registration
  • Supervisory Responsibilities
  • Conduct of Business
  • Requirements that govern all types of communications with customers
  • Requirements and supervisory procedures that relate to discretionary accounts
  • Activities of Financial Advisors
  • Rules related to quotations of municipal securities
  • Secondary Market Securities
  • Requirements for Transactions with Customers
  • Books and records required to be made

Because all Series 53 prep courses meet one-on-one, you receive a high degree of personal attention. This environment allows your tutor to adapt to your goals, abilities, and learning style. Your Series 53 course can help you learn in ways that are effective for you. Whether you learn best through reading, listening, watching, or practice and repetition, you can structure your time in a Series 53 class in ways that help you absorb and retain information. Additionally, throughout your sessions, you can receive live feedback from the instructor in your Series 53 prep course. This feedback can help increase your confidence, and help you to build effective habits.

During your Series 53 prep class, you and your instructor are able to develop a study plan for your time. You can discuss your goals and then break those goals down into smaller units. Developing this kind of a plan for your Series 53 class can help you and your tutor use your time effectively and proceed through your sessions in an organized manner.

Series 53 classes are a great venue to help you become familiar with test-taking strategies. Based on the sorts of questions that appear on the exam, you and the instructor for your Series 53 course can create strategies to help you answer questions more accurately and quickly. Utilizing test-taking strategies is a way for you to make the most of the time you have during the Series 53 exam. By helping you to understand and utilize test-taking strategies, Series 53 classes can increase your confidence and preparedness.

If you are interested in the resources and instruction that Series 53 prep classes from Varsity Tutors provide, contact an Educational Consultant online or over the phone to register.

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