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If you are coming to Washington from another state and need to apply for your teaching certificate, or you are a student hoping to become a Washington state-approved educator, you must take the Washington Educator Skills Test-Basic, or WEST-B. Seek the help of Varsity Tutors to connect you with a WEST-B course that can help prepare you for this important exam. A WEST-B class can guide you through the various sections to ensure you are well-versed in all of the subjects it covers.

Your WEST-B class assists you so that you have the best chance of passing and becoming the Washington state educator you hope to be. Put forth your best effort in every WEST-B prep course so you are adequately prepared. The individualized attention you receive from the tutor during your WEST-B courses can give you the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed.

A WEST-B prep class offers insight into the length of time and question format of the test. This 5-hour exam is done on the computer. With test dates set by appointment and offered year-round, you can take the exam after you have adequately prepared and feel ready to do so. Work with your tutor on the subjects of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, each of which are included on the test. Take a look at the provided table to see the typical length of time required for each portion of the test.


Computer-based test

  • Reading: 60 multiple-choice questions
  • Writing: 50 multiple-choice and 2 constructed-response questions
  • Mathematics: 60 multiple-choice questions


  • Reading: 2 hours
  • Writing: 3 hours
  • Mathematics: 2 hours
  • All 3 subtests taken at once: 5 hours

WEST-B classes help you to plan your course of study. Your tutor may assess your preparedness level and determine how best to start each session. They may want to see if you need help reading passages more thoroughly and offer guidance. Perhaps you need help comprehending the Mathematics section the test assesses you on. Your tutor can evaluate this in the first session and discover where you need the most work.

Developing test-taking strategies during your WEST-B prep course can be a top priority. It can be difficult to answer every question correctly when you're timed and nervous. Your WEST-B course tutor may offer relaxation techniques, helpful tips, and more to help you feel more prepared for this exam and any others you need to take in the future.

The test consists of mainly multiple-choice questions, except for a couple of constructed-response writing questions. Your WEST-B prep courses can help you understand how to narrow down choices by eliminating the least likely answers and guessing smartly.

Here we provide a sample question from the Math portion of the WEST-B.

Sample Math Question:

1. A student who is 4 feet tall casts a shadow that is 5 feet long. If a tree casts a shadow that is
65 feet long, how tall is the tree?

    • A. 16 feet
    • B. 52 feet
    • C. 81 feet
    • D. 260 feet

We try our best to match every student with an instructor who can adapt to their schedule. You may have limited time between school and other responsibilities to prepare for this important exam, so we understand the importance of finding someone who can accommodate your needs. Face-to-face study sessions online make meeting with your tutor even more efficient. You can access our Live Learning Platform anywhere that has a stable connection the internet.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of taking WEST-B prep classes, reach out to Varsity Tutors. We are available to answer any questions you may have before you get started.

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