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Free ACT Compass Practice Tests

Our completely free ACT Compass practice tests are the perfect way to brush up your skills. Take one of our many ACT Compass practice tests for a run-through of commonly asked questions. You will receive incredibly detailed scoring results at the end of your ACT Compass practice test to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Pick one of our ACT Compass practice tests now and begin!

The ACT Compass is used to evaluate students’ skill levels upon entering college. The results are used to place you in the appropriate courses. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offers ACT Compass practice tests in both reading and writing. One unique aspect of this exam is that it does not have a passing score. Instead, it indicates the areas where you are already strong and the areas where you could still improve. The purpose of the test is to prevent any interruption in the progress of your academic career. Many schools require incoming freshmen to take the ACT Compass before they are accepted into a specific class or course of study.

Varsity Tutors offers ACT Compass sample questions to help you see where you might need to spend more time on improving your skills. It provides both an ACT Compass Reading Practice Test and an ACT Compass Writing Practice Test. By including questions similar to ones commonly used on the actual exam, the practice tests let you evaluate your performance via detailed feedback at the end.

The free ACT Compass Reading practice test includes 10 questions of moderate difficulty to help prepare you for the ACT Compass Reading Placement Test. You’ll be asked to read a passage and answer questions on the passage’s subject, the meaning of certain paragraphs and phrases, and whether or not specific pieces of information or content were included. Both logic questions and questions pertaining to voice, mood, and the meaning of the material are also asked. Your answers are used to judge your reading comprehension percentile and overall score. The ratio of correct versus incorrect questions, time spent on each question, how others performed on each question, and an overview with explanations of the answers are also provided.

Also of moderate difficulty is the ACT Compass Writing Skills practice test. You are given passages to read, and you will be tested on finding grammar, punctuation, and stylistic errors. A sentence-by-sentence format helps identify how well you understand what you have read as you move from one idea to the next. Preparing with Varsity Tutors’ ACT Compass study help not only tests your knowledge, but also helps you to identify any areas you’re less prepared for. You can take this practice test whenever you have the time. The concepts used in each question are identified to help you include less-familiar topics in your study plan.

As with practice tests in other subjects, these reading and writing exercises give you the opportunity to assess and compare your results. Check your results against the scores of other students, or take the practice sets again to see if your skills are improving. Social media sharing is supported by Varsity Tutors, so you can work in groups and even compete with your friends and classmates. With the ACT Compass review provided by Varsity Tutors, you can work on any areas of difficulty in reading or writing and be ready for test day.

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