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As you prepare for the GRE, let Varsity Tutors connect you with a Boston GRE class. The GRE, or the Graduate Record Examinations, is a test that some graduate schools request applicants take when applying for their program. Your score on the GRE can help graduate schools better understand your academic abilities and educational background. If your goal is to impress Boston University or Harvard with your GRE score, consider reaching out to sign up for an online class.

With help from a Boston GRE course, students might feel more confident in their test-taking abilities as their GRE test date approaches. These GRE courses are comprehensive, interactive, and helpful to those interested in learning more about what to expect when taking the GRE. If you want to feel as prepared and confident as possible come your test date, reach out to Varsity Tutors today.

Studying for the GRE alone can be difficult. Instead of tackling your study materials on your own, sign up for an online class to work through resources with a professional and skilled instructor. You can also communicate with your peers in real time to get the most out of your course experience. The benefits of a Boston GRE course are nearly endless, so think about enrolling today.

What can a Boston GRE class help me study?

Students who are preparing to take the GRE can learn a lot from a GRE class. A live, online class covers all areas of the GRE, as well as information that can help you with your test-taking abilities. If timed tests are stressful to you, your GRE class can help you feel more at ease when moving through this three-hour, forty-five-minute examination.

The GRE features three sections. The first section is the Analytical Writing section. For this portion of the exam, students are allowed 1 hour to complete two tasks. The Analytical Writing section is scored on a scale of zero to six, with six being the highest possible result. When studying for the Analytical Writing section, your GRE class can help you prepare by teaching you how to assess potential tasks, follow directions, plan and write a quality response, and how to proofread your work. This section of the GRE looks at a student's abilities to articulate complex concepts, support their ideas with reasoning, examine claims from sources, maintain a focused response, and write with a strong comprehension of English.

Next up is the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE. This section contains two portions, which ask 20 questions each. Students receive 60 minutes to answer these questions, and they can receive a score between 130 and 170. The Verbal Reasoning section asks reading comprehension questions, testing an individual's ability to comprehend written passages. The Verbal Reasoning section provides partial information and asks test-takers to complete blank sentences, while also testing their ability to summarize passages, identify strengths and weaknesses of an argument, and interpret meaning from context.

The final portion of the GRE is the Quantitative Reasoning section. Students are permitted 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete two sections of 20 questions. The highest a student can score on the Quantitative Reasoning section is 170, while the lowest potential score is 130. This section looks at a student's math skills. When preparing for the Quantitative Reasoning section, your Boston GRE class might cover arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. Through your class, you can gain a deeper knowledge of math concepts and logical reasoning, which can help you directly with the quantitative comparison and numeric entry questions of the GRE.

Some people who take the GRE may receive an Experimental section or a Research section. These sections are unscored and used to try out questions for possible future use. The Experimental section is mixed in with the Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning sections, while the Research section comes at the end of the test. The Research section is optional.

How can a Boston prep course prepare me for the GRE?

If you are studying for the GRE, you may be an undergraduate student looking to further their education at MIT. You may also be a young professional who is looking to further their education. No matter your circumstance, most individuals who are taking the GRE are busy. With help from a GRE course, you can make the most of your study time. Instead of working through materials on your own to prep for the GRE, work alongside your peers through our online platform. A knowledgeable instructor leads each course, moving through the materials at an appropriate pace. Classes last for either two weeks or four weeks, depending on the course you sign up for.

In these courses, you can ask your instructor questions and receive answers in real time. You can also talk to your peers for a communicative and interactive learning experience similar to an in-person classroom environment. However, with an online GRE course, you can study from any location, at any time. Work on your GRE test prep materials from the comfort of your own home, your local library, your college campus, or your favorite coffee shop. All you need is internet access to attend a GRE course. There are courses available on the weekends, as well as the evenings and during the day, so you can select a course that is most suitable for your schedule.

Where can I sign up for a Boston GRE course?

Enrolling in a GRE course allows you to receive an in-depth educational experience on your GRE. Don't go it alone when you can receive help through informative and interactive online courses. Take advantage of the resources available to you to gain confidence in your test-taking abilities and approach the GRE with a positive attitude. For assistance meeting your goals related to graduate school, reach out to Varsity Tutors. Our goal is to help you reach your goals, so what are you waiting for? New GRE courses start on a weekly basis, so you can enroll in a Boston GRE course through Varsity Tutors in a week's time or less!

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