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When you choose to start learning the Spanish language, whether as a student at secondary institutions like North Atlanta High School or Westlake High School, someone at Emory University or Georgia Tech, or as someone that just enjoys learning outside of a conventional classroom, Varsity Tutors can help you get started in an Atlanta Spanish course. Learning a new language is hard, whether Spanish is your second language or you're already bilingual, and perhaps you've found that a traditional classroom is not the right atmosphere for you or you simply need more outside help.

When delving into the Spanish language, it is important that you have plenty of practice in conversing in the language, both by writing or speaking it. An Atlanta Spanish course will provide you not only with immersion but with access to the expertise of an advanced Spanish teacher. This teacher is going to be there for you every step of the way, whether you are a beginner that needs help with the core concepts of Spanish or whether you're someone that already knows some of the fundamentals.

Nearly 20 countries consider Spanish to be their official language, with many more that can speak it either natively or as their second language. This includes the United States, with more than 45 million people being able to speak it fluently. In the United States, it is the second most popular language to speak and the most popular one to study. Across the globe, it ranks number two in popularity, following Mandarin Chinese. There are over 430 million people worldwide who use it as their native tongue.

Learning Spanish through an Atlanta Spanish class can help you in a lot of ways. It can provide you with the opportunity to make new friends and learn about new cultures. It can help you with your academic success. It can provide you the opportunity to become more involved in the international business world, which is becoming more globalized and reliant on bilingualism. It can also help you with learning other languages that share similarities to Spanish, such as French and Italian. Whatever reason you have for learning Spanish, this class could be the right choice for you.

What kinds of material are covered in an Atlanta Spanish course?

Spanish is considered to be a gender-based language. That means that every noun is assigned a gender, just like in French, German, and Russian. These genders are either masculine or feminine and will often depend on how the noun ends. Typically, a masculine noun is going to end in an "o" whereas a feminine noun will end an "a".

Some examples of this include "hijo" which ends with an "o" and means "son". In comparison, "hija" ends with an "a" and means "daughter". The difference between the two is obvious in this example, but sometimes it's not quite as easy. There are also some exceptions to this rule, which can prove difficult for those not native to the Spanish language. You must learn these exceptions and memorize them. Adjectives will pair with the noun and change in gender and number depending on whether the noun is masculine or feminine.

For the students who are native English speakers, the ability to expand Spanish vocabulary may come easier, as there are some patterns found between English-Spanish cognates. This is because English and Spanish are related in a way. English words are influenced by the French language, which is similar to Spanish. Spanish and French are both considered to be Romance languages that developed from Latin. You must remember, though, that sometimes these patterns are not helpful. Though English and Spanish do have overlaps with some of their words, other times, the words may appear and sound the same, but mean something completely different. These are often referred to as false friends. One example of a false friend is the Spanish word "argumento." This sounds similar to the English word "argument", but actually refers to the plot of a story.

You will learn about verb conjugation as well, including the exceptions to the basics of conjugation that must be memorized. You will learn how to properly pluralize words, pronounce words, the appropriate times to roll your Rs, and how to use written accents properly. If this all sounds confusing and complex, don't worry. Your Spanish course can have many discussions on various topics, and you will get the opportunity to practice what you've learned.

How does an Atlanta Spanish course teach me?

Your Atlanta Spanish class is a virtual classroom that is designed to be interactive. It will offer many chances to participate and speak with your instructor and your other classmates. You can see them and hear them, just like you would in person. Sometimes an instructor can even offer to teach the class in Spanish, depending on how comfortable and skilled you are in the language. This offers extra immersion opportunities.

An Atlanta Spanish course will also offer you the chance to reserve some quality time with your experienced Spanish teacher. So, if you find yourself not being able to understand a concept or you aren't learning in as timely of a fashion as you'd like, this one-on-one time can really help you get through some language learning hurdles.

The classes all begin on a rolling monthly basis, so you can begin in an efficient and timely manner. With the benefit of being an online class, there's no need to commute. You can pick which section you'd like to attend, whether that is on the weekends, during the day, or even at night.

How do I begin the process?

Whether you are learning Spanish because you want to brush up on some previously known skills or because you want to learn the basics, you can contact Varsity Tutors and let us know you are ready to begin an Atlanta Spanish class. Not only can we tell you what classes are currently open for enrollment, but we can tell you how and when you'll be able to get started. We also provide more details on what kinds of materials you'll be learning in the class. When you're ready to start the adventure that is learning Spanish, you will have access to a Spanish-speaking expert, other students to practice and learn with and from, as well as classroom discussions and activities designed to build and foster your Spanish speaking skills.

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