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If you are a student attending a school like Canyon Crest Academy or Torrey Pines High School, Varsity Tutors would be happy to set you up with top-notch San Diego ACT preparation opportunities. The ACT is a standardized exam used by many undergraduate programs for admissions purposes. Created in 1959, the ACT was designed for the purpose of assessing a student's mastery of the knowledge and skills being taught in school. As an indicator of one's college readiness, it's important to earn the best score possible to impress the admissions office at the college of your choice. Working with a San Diego ACT prep course or instructor can help you stand apart from the crowd.

What can a San Diego ACT prep class cover?

The ACT is comprised of four sections: Math, Reading, English, and Science. There is also an optional section for Writing. If you choose to take the Writing section, your ACT will take 3 hours and 35 minutes to complete. Let's take a closer look at each section and the skills necessary to score well in each.

The Math section of the ACT is comprised of 60 questions. The hour-long section of the ACT is intended to evaluate the mastery of the math skills you have been taught up to the end of junior year of high school. You'll need to review concepts taught in pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. ACT test prep can provide the opportunity for you to practice working through various mathematical problems under the guidance of an expert instructor.

The next section is the 35-minute Reading section. You'll be asked to answer 40 questions in this section assessing your ability to identify central themes and ideas and drawing conclusions about relationships between texts. You'll need to practice using context to decipher word or phrase meanings. A prep course can assist you with these skills, as well as providing practice in differentiating between opinion and fact. This section is multiple-choice and measures your potential to comprehend the level of reading found in freshman year college English courses.

In the English section, you'll have 45 minutes to complete 75 questions evaluating your knowledge of English language rules, including sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar. Your ACT prep course or instructor can help you brush up on topic development, cohesion, and language tone to help you prepare to do well on this section of the ACT.

The ACT is the only college readiness exam with a Science section. The Science section measures your retention of biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics knowledge with 40 questions which you must answer in 35 minutes. You'll want to practice how to manipulate and analyze data given to you in various forms. You can go over the proper method of scientific experimentation and investigation in your ACT prep class to help you navigate this section.

If you decide to sit for the Writing section of the ACT, you'll have 40 minutes to showcase your writing skills. You'll be presented with an argument along with three different viewpoints on the given issue. Your job in this section is to clearly state your own perspective and devise a relationship between it and one of the given perspectives. Your ability to draft and organize a thoughtful response is crucial for this section of the exam. Enrolling in an ACT prep course or working with a private teacher can provide opportunities for constructive criticism.

No matter what skills you want help improving, Varsity Tutors can help you work towards your best possible performance.

What are the benefits of San Diego ACT prep through Varsity Tutors?

When you choose Varsity Tutors to support you through your ACT prep journey, you'll be able to decide between two choices: enrolling in an interactive online ACT course or working privately with a knowledgeable ACT instructor. Either option can be the tool needed to boost your confidence when taking the ACT. Let's take a closer look at the unique benefits which come from either option.

When you sign up for a San Diego ACT prep course, you'll have the opportunity to access your course sessions anywhere with a computer and high-speed internet. You will join your instructor and classmates in an online classroom, allowing you to speak, see, and hear the instruction as if you're sitting in the same room. This type of collaborative environment allows you to participate in group discussions and activities. You can practice interpreting equations with other students to prepare for the Math section of the ACT or help each other with memorizing the steps of the Scientific Method. Working in groups has been shown to help with memory retention and makes learning more enjoyable.

If you prefer a more independent approach to learning, you can be connected with a San Diego ACT tutor. Working with a private instructor gives you access to customized lessons based on your exact review needs. If you already understand how to determine word meanings, you can choose to focus on graphing different types of expression to prepare for the Math section. This makes your study sessions more effective and means you don't have to review concepts you already understand.

Some students may even choose to take advantage of both options. No matter what your particular study or scheduling needs are, we can connect you to the right review opportunities.

How do I get signed up for a San Diego ACT prep instruction?

Signing up for ACT prep is as simple as picking up the phone and calling the educational consultants at Varsity Tutors. When you decide to take an ACT prep course, you'll have the opportunity to decide between a 2-week and 4-week course. A new session begins weekly so you can get started at any time. This makes it easy and convenient to get started. If you choose to take advantage of private instruction, you'll be able to schedule your sessions for any day or time of the week that works best for you. If you're ready to get started with San Diego ACT prep, call Varsity Tutors today!

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