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If you are a student in a Denver area school attending East High School or any other and are preparing to take on the ACT, Varsity Tutors can help by setting you up with excellent Denver ACT prep. If you have college admissions on your mind, chances are you have also been considering the two most widely accepted admissions exams: the ACT and SAT. You may be wondering where to start in your preparations for this important challenge. The ACT is a good choice for Denver students attending schools in the area like the Denver School of the Arts and DSST: Stapleton High School, and your score could be an important factor in your admissions to your top college choices. It is a good idea to put in the effort so you can perform to the best of your abilities.

The five sections of the ACT will challenge many different skills, so it is beneficial to get a good grasp on each. Wherever you are in your ACT prep, Denver ACT preparation can help you to make the most out of your study time. If you prefer a more individualized review, a Denver ACT tutor may be the best fit for your needs. If a collaborative, online, classroom-like setting helps you retain information well, you can get enrolled in a Denver ACT prep course to fit into your schedule. Regardless of how you learn, Varsity Tutors can help get you set up with the best resource to help you face the ACT with a more comprehensive review than one you may be able to get on your own.

What could Denver ACT prep help me prepare for?

There are four sections of the ACT, not including the optional Writing section. The four required sections include English, Math, Reading, and Science, and you will have a little less than 3 hours to complete them all. If you choose to add the Writing section, you will be given an additional 40 minutes to complete it. Let's take a closer look into each section of the ACT.

The English section is made up of 75 multiple-choice questions that you will be given 45 minutes to complete. Each group of questions will follow a short passage and will test your knowledge of language. You may need to edit or revise a sentence structure, acknowledge missing or incorrect punctuation or grammar, or recognize incorrect style usage and organization.

In the Math section, you will be faced with 60 questions to answer in 60 minutes. These are also multiple-choice and will range from pre-algebra to trigonometry. Numerical reasoning, interpreting equations, graphing, and data collection are just a few of the concepts that you will find yourself facing. With only 1 minute to answer each question correctly, your ability to work through different mathematical concepts efficiently will be important.

Next, you will be given 35 minutes to answer the 40 questions in the Reading section. Similar to the English section, you will be given different passages to read followed by related multiple-choice questions. These questions, however, will focus on your reading comprehension and will ask you to identify central ideas and themes, summarize the text, connect the information to choose the correct answer, and differentiate between facts and opinions.

The final section is Science, where you are allowed 35 minutes to answer 40 multiple-choice questions. These problems will challenge your interpretation, evaluation, and problem-solving skills in the subjects of biology, chemistry, Earth and space sciences, and physics. You will need to know how to analyze and manipulate scientific data presented in multiple formats and have a good grasp on the scientific method and other tools for investigation and experimentation.

If you choose to continue the exam with the optional Writing section, you will be given 40 additional minutes to write a one-topic essay. You will be expected to write a clear and well-developed argument on an issue with supporting ideas. Your knowledge of written English will also be evaluated here.

What do the different types of Denver ACT prep each offer?

There are two effective types of ACT review that Varsity Tutor can get you enrolled in. Both prep courses and private tutoring each offer their own unique benefits, and you may even find that a combination of both is the best option for you. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that the focus will be on your goals.

In a Denver ACT prep class, you will find yourself in a classroom-based, collaborative, online session that is live and fully interactive. This allows you the benefits of studying in a familiar format, with a set curriculum taught by an expert instructor, to give you a comprehensive overview of the ACT. New sessions of prep begin weekly and are offered in two- or four-week sessions, so you are sure to find one that will fit into your busy schedule.

The group setting of the courses allows you to learn new study skills from your peers and work in group activities and discussions. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and engage in live discussions. If you find yourself needing a little more in-depth discussion on a subject, you can also take advantage of one-on-one time with your instructor.

If you tend to learn more effectively with focused, personal interaction, then a Denver ACT tutor may be the best fit for you. When you work with a private instructor, you get to focus solely on your challenges and goals. Maybe you need a more individualized approach to the geometry that may be presented in the Math section or you would like more insight on how to quickly and effectively read through the passages in the Reading section to allow you more time to answer the questions. Tutoring allows sessions to be customized to your needs and allows the instructor to identify your preferred style of learning and build a study session that could be beneficial to you.

How can I be connected to Denver ACT prep?

Whether you feel you will most benefit from an ACT tutor or course, Varsity Tutors can help get you set up. If you are unsure as to which option would be the best fit, we can help you to figure out the right path also. Reach out to the educational consultants at Varsity Tutors today for more information on how to start your ACT prep.

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