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Whether you've already started preparing for the GMAT or haven't even begun reviewing, Varsity Tutors can help you find solid Houston GMAT prep. The GMAT, or the Graduate Management Admission Test, is used to demonstrate your knowledge as you apply to business school programs. We can help students and working professionals as they endeavor to prepare for one of the biggest hurdles in the business schools admissions process.

The GMAT can help you stand out, not only to prospective business schools but also as a job candidate. The four-section exam covers a variety of skills that are necessary to succeed in programs such as the ones offered at institutions like the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. Whatever type of test prep works best for you, Varsity Tutors can help you get started.

What can Houston GMAT prep cover?

There are four sections on the GMAT: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and the Analytical Writing Assessment. You will have three options as to the order in which you complete these sections. Taken using a computer-adaptive system, this exam is designed to adjust itself to fit your ability level to offer a more precise picture of your skills. In all, you have about 3 hours and 30 minutes to finish, not counting the optional breaks. Let's take a deeper look at the different sections of the GMAT.

The Analytical Writing Assessment serves to assess your critical thinking and communication skills. You will be presented with an argument that you must critique. In 30 minutes, you will need to read, analyze, and evaluate the argument before planning and writing a fully developed response complete with evidence. Your response will be evaluated in two ways: by an electronic system and by trained evaluators.

You will have 65 minutes to complete the Verbal Reasoning section, which focuses on your ability to read and comprehend English written material. There are three types of questions: sentence correction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension. Reading comprehension questions focus on your ability to interpret and apply the material from various passages to different contexts. On the other hand, critical reasoning questions offer passages that you will need to evaluate or plan a response to.

The Quantitative Reasoning section spans 31 questions with a 62-minute time limit. The questions focus on your abilities as they relate to problem-solving and data sufficiency. While you do need to have knowledge of certain math skills, the primary aim is to measure your ability to use logical and analytical reasoning, as well as evaluate and identify relevant and irrelevant data. You will need to demonstrate strong skills in applying reason to quantitative problems without access to a calculator.

Finally, the Integrated Reasoning portion of the GMAT focuses on your ability to synthesize a variety of different data sources to solve problems. This section allows you to demonstrate your ability to take in large amounts of data and use it to make logical decisions. You will have 30 minutes to solve 12 questions. You will see four question types: multi-source reasoning, two-part analysis, graphics interpretation, and table analysis. Many of these questions will require multiple answers. On this section, you will have access to a basic online calculator.

What advantages can I get from different types of Houston GMAT prep?

Test prep is available in two forms: one-on-one learning and an online collaborative course. Each option has its own unique benefits depending on how you prefer to approach your preparation. Some students benefit more from one or the other, while others take advantage of the boosts that both have to offer. Our educational consultants can work with you to help you identify the option that works best for your individual needs and concerns.

Group learning with a Houston GMAT prep course can benefit students who find they build their skills and knowledge better when working with a group of other students under the guidance of a highly qualified instructor. Courses are held online through a live virtual platform, which allows you to interact with your academic mentor as if you were in the same room. You can participate in interactive group activities and discussions that can help you increase your retention of the test-taking techniques and academic concepts you learn. Your instructor can walk you and your peers through strategies that can help you quickly organize your thoughts for the Analytical Writing Assessment, among other techniques. New sections start every week with the option to choose a 2-week or 4-week course. Courses include the opportunity for one-on-one time with your instructor as well, should you find you need extra help on a particular skill.

On the other hand, some students find they enjoy greater benefits through one-on-one learning sessions that are led by a knowledgeable Houston GMAT tutor. Private instruction can give you the opportunity to participate in completely customized study sessions that focus on your unique needs and goals. Your instructor can get to know your learning personality, testing goals, areas of opportunity, skills, and professional goals to create a Houston GMAT prep plan that focuses on the material that you have the most room to improve on. Your instructor can take the right approach to help you remain focused and engaged as you prepare.

How can I find qualified Houston GMAT preparation options?

If you are getting ready to take the GMAT and hope to stand out from your peers during the admissions process, consider working alongside a knowledgeable expert who can help enhance your test review efforts. The skills tested on the GMAT will benefit you throughout your education and business career. Don't hesitate to invest in your needs.

Whether you are interested in working with a private GMAT instructor or signing up for a Houston GMAT prep class, Varsity Tutors can help you get started. Our educational consultants can help you identify the ideal test prep option for your educational and scheduling needs. Let us help you as you work to prepare for your future.

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