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Free ACT Compass Writing Practice Tests

Our completely free ACT Compass Writing practice tests are the perfect way to brush up your skills. Take one of our many ACT Compass Writing practice tests for a run-through of commonly asked questions. You will receive incredibly detailed scoring results at the end of your ACT Compass Writing practice test to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Pick one of our ACT Compass Writing practice tests now and begin!

If you are entering your freshman year of college, chances are high that you will be asked to take the ACT Compass Writing Placement Test. It’s not a timed test, and there’s no passing score, which should take some of the anxiety away. The test does, however, require a solid understanding of reading comprehension and how to structure a passage. How well you do on the test will determine the level of coursework you start with. Fortunately, there is a ACT Compass Writing practice test available for free on Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools. It includes the types of material you’ll encounter in the real test so you can prepare and improve upon your weaknesses ahead of time.

The ACT Compass Writing sample questions are based on written passages. These questions are focused on grammar, style, and punctuation concepts. The written content provided will have errors, and you’ll be asked to choose the properly structured phrase from a list. Guessing is unlikely to lead to success. There are several choices, and only one answer will correctly convey the message. Once you select the answer to one question, you’ll be asked about something that occurs later in the text. Therefore, it’s important to read carefully to demonstrate your capacity for writing comprehension.

Not only is the ACT Compass Writing review good for brushing up, but you can also analyze the numeric and graphic feedback. You can compare your answers and scores to others or to your own past performance. Each question is timed to judge your confidence. Another great aspect of Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools Practice Tests are the clear explanations to answers you may not have answered correctly. These help you understand why you were wrong and how to proceed with your study plan. ACT Compass Writing practice feedback includes your scoring percentile, correct versus incorrect answer ratio, and other metrics.

The ACT Compass Writing practice test is just one example of the practice tests and other study tools offered by Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools. Numerous subjects and standardized exams are covered. One practice set is for the ACT Compass Reading Placement Test, which also includes 10 questions related to a particular passage. It asks about meaning and logic. You must be able to clearly understand what you read. Both ACT Compass practice tests offer meaningful feedback and social sharing tools. Use them for self-study or work with friends in a group to help boost writing comprehension skills. After all, a little motivation can go a long way.

By completing the free test questions online, you can get practice and strengthen your skills every time you check your progress. Varsity Tutors’ ACT Compass Writing Learning Tools have been engineered to build confidence and help you raise your skill level. The ACT Compass Writing Placement Test is a primary tool used by colleges to see where you fit in, and there shouldn’t be any reason to be timid about what you can really do!

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ACT COMPASS Writing Skills Problem Set 1

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All ACT Compass Writing Resources

1 Practice Test Question of the Day Flashcards
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