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If you are embarking on your SAT prep, Varsity Tutors can connect you with a Los Angeles SAT prep course. Outside resources, such as a Los Angeles SAT course, will provide you with a more in-depth review of SAT material and information could assist you on test day and throughout life. Colleges usually require high school students, like the ones who attend Harvard-Westlake School, to take one of two admissions tests before they are accepted. You should realize the importance of putting time into preparing for the exam.

The SAT is an essential component of your educational pursuits after high school. Los Angeles SAT courses provide additional assistance to future undergraduate students who are seeking a degree. The classes offer interactive and collaborative learning using an online classroom education that provides you an opportunity to communicate with your classmates and instructors throughout your Los Angeles SAT course experience.

You want to yield high scores on your SAT. Those scores are viewed by your chosen schools to evaluate your qualifications for admissions. At first, SAT preparation can be intimidating; however, once you complete a Los Angeles SAT class, you could have a better understanding of what to expect on your test day.

Are the subjects that are reviewed in the Los Angeles SAT course the same as what is on the SAT?

A Los Angeles SAT course could assist you in getting a complete understanding of the materials that are on the SAT. Even though you may not get the same questions that are on the actual SAT, the question types and similar content are reviewed. The SAT has four different testing sections: Math, Reading, Writing and Language, and an optional Essay. The total test time given is 3 hours, with an additional 50 minutes for the Essay. You will receive one 10 minute break and one 5 minute break while you are testing. If you are not taking the essay section of the SAT, you will be finished testing at around noon. If you choose to take the essay, you will finish at around 1 PM.

The Math section of the SAT has two different parts. There is a portion where calculator use is allowed and a part where it is not. There are 58 questions in total, which you have 80 minutes to answer. The portion where you will not be allowed to use a calculator has 15 multiple-choice questions and five grid-ins. You will be given 25 minutes to complete this portion of the exam. As you move to the portion that allows calculator use, you will have another 30 multiple-choice questions with eight grid-ins and 55 minutes to provide an answer to each item. Some questions that you have to answer on the Math section of the SAT will include multiple questions about a single scenario.

As you move into the Reading section of the SAT, you will be tested on your reading comprehension and reasoning abilities, how you respond to questions from a written passage, and your ability to read charts and other graphics used in data. Other materials included and skills that are assessed in Reading include a historical analysis that relates to social studies and science, the understanding of how to draw conclusions based on evidence, and your understanding of words and phrases. You should become familiar with the United States founding documents and the Great Global Conversation. As you move to the critical reasoning questions within this section, you will be asked to respond to short reading passages that focus on social science and science. The time allotted for this portion of the exam is 65 minutes, and there are a total of 52 questions incorporated within the Reading section of the SAT.

The third section of the SAT is Writing and Language. This section will assess your grammar skills, including sentence structure and punctuation. All of the questions are multiple-choice format and come from written passages. This section of the test lasts 35 minutes, and you have 44 questions to answer. Some of your skills that you should use are your command of evidence, words in context, analysis of historical and scientific written work, and expression of ideas. This section will merge with the Reading section for one-half of your composite SAT score.

Finally, the Essay section focuses on writing. This section has a single question you must answer in essay format. You must showcase practical writing skills that include persuasive and stylistic elements. Your essay goal is to provide a convincing evidence-based argument. You want to produce a piece of writing that is focused, organized, and precise. As you work through this portion of the test, you must remember to provide relevant reasons and examples in your response that provide reliable support to what you write in your essay.

How will a Los Angeles SAT class help me with test preparation?

A Los Angeles SAT course can add a progressive dimension to your exam preparation. The classes are interactive, and when you collaborate with other students, you have an opportunity to understand the SAT material better. After you begin classes, you can communicate directly with your instructor for additional direct assistance. You will be using the Live Learning Platform, a tool that provides immediate and real-time interaction. You can also ask your instructor for additional clarification or a better understanding of the materials that you are covering within their class, should you need it.

Other skills you might work on with your classmates could include increasing your abilities to quickly draft an outline for your essay, providing help with organizing your thoughts and strengthening your data interpretation skills. The Los Angeles SAT classes offer an interactive platform for you to try to reach for your SAT score goal.

How can I enroll in a Los Angeles SAT course?

You can contact a Varsity Tutors educational consultant who can help you with information on a Los Angeles SAT course. Two and four-week course sessions are offered, with new sections beginning every week. Let Varsity Tutors connect you to a course that can fit into your active lifestyle, whether it is on the weekends or throughout the week. Contact Varsity Tutors and begin your SAT preparation today!

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