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If you're getting ready to take the ACT, Varsity Tutors can help you study with several different ACT Science prep options to choose from. Whichever option you decide on, your ACT Science test prep will give you the chance to learn from an expert ACT Science test prep instructor about the material you need to know before taking your test. If you've ever looked up "ACT Science help near me" online, then you may already know how impactful studying with an expert can be to your ACT Science test preparation process. If you'd like to get started with an ACT Science class, then you can easily do so by contacting us today. Or, continue reading to get more information on which ACT Science course may be the right fit for your needs.

Who Takes the ACT?

The ACT is a standardized college admissions test that is usually taken by high school students. The exam was designed to assess how prepared a student is to continue on with their studies at the collegiate level. To that end, the test is split into four required sections and one optional Writing section. The ACT's required sections feature multiple-choice questions and cover the topics of English, Reading, Science, and Math. Many students feel that the Science section is one of the more difficult parts of the ACT. That's why ACT Science test prep supplements have steadily grown more popular over the years. You can find the right ACT Science test prep for your specific needs by getting in touch with Varsity Tutors.

Doing well on the ACT may improve the results you get from your college application process. For instance, a good score may make you a more attractive candidate for admission at your top choice schools. A solid ACT score could also help you earn more scholarship money. That's why it's crucial that you prepare for this test to the best of your abilities. Varsity Tutors can help you do that with the ACT Science test prep option of your choice.

Are There Any Requirements To Take the ACT?

Broadly speaking, the answer to the above question is no. Even though the exam is usually taken by high school students, you can still take the ACT if you've already graduated. However, some colleges will only accept a student's ACT score if they earned it while in college. This is a relatively rare requirement but you should check with the schools you're interested in attending before you begin your ACT Science test prep work if this scenario applies to you. Varsity Tutors offers ACT Science test prep assistance no matter what age you are.

As you begin your ACT Science test prep process, it's a good idea to keep in mind the things that you'll need to bring with you to your testing center on the day of your exam. The main thing you want to make sure you have on you is a valid photo ID. You can satisfy this requirement by bringing your driver's license with you or by showing your test proctor a photo ID from your school. This is very important because without your ID you won't be able to take the ACT that day. It would be terrible to spend weeks in ACT Science test prep only to be turned away on the day of your exam.

Another factor to keep in mind as you progress through your ACT Science test prep sessions is that you may want to bring some items with you on the day of your exam that make your test day run a little more smoothly. For instance, having an approved calculator with you to use on the ACT's section on math is a good idea. You should also consider bringing multiple number 2 pencils with you so you don't have to worry if one of yours breaks while you're taking your exam. Finally, a good watch is a smart item to bring along because it will allow you to keep track of the time limits you have for each ACT section without relying on your test proctor to do it for you. Having these things with you can help with your peace of mind while taking the ACT.

An Overview of the ACT Science Section

The ACT Science section features 40 multiple-choice questions that test-takers must answer within a 35-minute time limit. That means that you may need to work quickly in order to answer all of the section's questions in time. ACT Science courses can help you with this by giving you practice tests and sample problems to work through. Once you finish these, your ACT Science courses can focus on helping you make the improvements you need to feel more comfortable with this section's time limit.

The ACT Science section consists of questions that are based on some of the most important scientific topics that you studied in high school. For example, there are questions on things like biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences. However, you don't just need to have a strong understanding of these subjects in order to do well on your exam. Instead, you'll also need to demonstrate your ability to problem-solve while answering questions on these topics. That's why ACT Science prep classes are well-rounded. Within your ACT Science prep class, you can learn more about these important scientific topics while also getting help with developing the skills required for success on this part of the exam.

There are three primary question types that you'll encounter while taking this part of the ACT. The first, data representation, accounts for around 38% of the ACT Science section. Your ACT Science prep classes can help you with these questions if you struggle with them. Data representation questions ask you to view graphs, tables, or charts and then analyze and interpret the information that they contain. Next, you'll also be asked research summary questions. This question grouping accounts for around 45% of the ACT Science section. Here, you'll need to show that you can view one or more experiments and then understand, evaluate, and analyze them.

Here's an example of the type of questions you'll be asked to answer on this part of the ACT:

  • The following question is about a sample passage with data tables that is provided to the student:

    • In general, the results of Study 1 suggest that peony seeds that are placed in a petri dish containing damp paper are most likely to germinate when they are maintained at which of the following temperatures?

      • 13 Degrees Celsius
      • 18 Degrees Celsius
      • 23 Degrees Celsius
      • 28 Degrees Celsius

Finally, the last question grouping within the ACT Science science is often called conflicting viewpoints. These questions account for 17% of the section and ask test-takers to understand and evaluate conflicting theories or hypotheses on a specific topic. Again, if you have a hard time with these types of questions an ACT Science prep course may be the right fit for your needs. ACT Science prep from Varsity Tutors is flexible enough to help you with the material that you need the most assistance with.

Here's another sample question from the Science section of the ACT:

  • The following question is about a sample passage with additional data that is provided to the student:

    • Based only on the information provided, which of the following rock types would be the safest in which to bury SF?

      • Rock salt
      • Granite
      • Basalt
      • Shale

We Can Help You Prepare for the ACT Science Section

There are a few different ACT Science prep options that you have to choose from. The ACT Science prep option that you ultimately decide on should be chosen based on your unique academic interests, test goals, and skill set. Choosing your ACT Science prep option this way may serve to enhance the overall quality of your ACT Science preparation process. Instead of looking up "ACT Science help near me", you can learn more about each type of available ACT Science prep below.

One option you have to consider is ACT Science tutoring. ACT Science tutors are able to work with their students through a series of one-on-one study sessions. If you sign up for ACT Science tutoring, your ACT Science preparation instructor will create a customized lesson plan that is targeted with your growth in mind. This type of ACT Science preparation may be the right fit for you if you've previously enjoyed working with an educator in an individualized setting.

ACT Science tutoring is also a flexible learning option. That means you can work with ACT Science tutors without worrying about how it will impact your existing scheduling obligations. In other words, you can get the ACT Science test preparation assistance you've been searching for and still maintain the other important things in your life. If you have a busy schedule already, then working with ACT Science tutors may be the right decision for you.

Another solid ACT Science test preparation option to consider is ACT Science prep courses. ACT Science classes give you the chance to learn from an expert ACT Science class educator with a small group of peers. You can interact with your peers and can even work with your ACT Science class instructor in a one-on-one setting when you need additional help with a challenging topic. ACT Science courses are in-depth and replicate the traditional classroom learning environment in a more convenient online setting. So, if you've previously found success in the classroom learning setting, then signing up for ACT Science classes may be the right fit for your test prep needs.

Your ACT Science test prep choice can also help you develop a better set of general testing skills. Students who have experienced test anxiety in the past can spend some of their ACT Science classes learning techniques to use that may help reduce their anxiety. Similarly, if you've had trouble managing your time effectively on comprehensive exams in the past, your ACT Science course instructor can show you tools you can use to make improvements with this skill. This may be especially important for the ACT Science section because of its restrictive 35-minute time limit. In this way, ACT Science prep is a comprehensive, yet well-rounded learning opportunity. You can utilize skills like these that you get from your ACT Science course on the entire ACT as well as on any future important exams you take.

Who Takes the ACT?

ACT Science courses have become popular in recent years thanks to the growth of the ACT itself. Today, the exam has around 1.6 million annual test-takers. That's why the search term "ACT Science tutoring near me" has grown a lot in recent years. This number of test-takers makes the ACT one of the most widely taken standardized tests in the entire country. ACT Science courses have grown to accommodate this massive amount of test-takers.

The average combined ACT score is usually around 20.8 but it may vary slightly depending on the year. This score is calculated based on the a student's individual scores within each test section. Outside of the optional Writing section, each of the ACT's other sections are graded on a scale from 1 to 36. Then, each of those scores are added together to give a student one combined ACT score. Although the average combined score is generally around 20.8, the average score of accepted students at top tier universities is often in the 30s. This is something you should keep in mind as you pursue the test preparation plan of your choice. If you want to get to a prestigious university, then you may need to put more time in while you study.

Finding Your Own Ideal Test Preparation Plan

Getting a solid score on the ACT can open a lot of doors for you. However, this is something that's easier said than done. Instead of searching online for "ACT Science help near me", why not let Varsity Tutors help you get more out of your study sessions? If you think you would benefit from ACT Science test prep assistance, then you can easily get started by contacting Varsity Tutors today. ACT Science prep could help you increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your overall study plan. We look forward to working with you and hope to hear from you soon.

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