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If you are planning on enrolling in business school, Varsity Tutors can get you started in a Chicago GMAT prep course to help you feel prepared come test day. Admissions into MBA programs can be highly competitive, making it important to set yourself apart from the pack. Whether you are planning on applying to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business or Loyola University Chicago - Quinlan School of Business, the GMAT, or Graduate Management Admissions Test, figures to be one of the toughest hurdles you will have to clear on your path to admissions. Achieving a high score on the GMAT will show admissions counselors that you are capable of understanding and solving complex problems.

Enrolling in a Chicago GMAT course gives you access to an expert instructor and test prep resources that resemble materials that you will encounter in the test. Collaborating with peers in a virtual classroom helps bring learning to life. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, troubleshoot, and receive feedback in real time. Interacting with classmates allows you to learn new perspectives and study strategies to deepen your understanding of the materials. Though you may have to take the test on your own, there is no reason for you to study alone.

What could a Chicago GMAT class help me review?

The GMAT covers a wide range of subjects and formats, necessitating a comprehensive set of test-taking skills and subject knowledge to excel. In the 3.5 hours that you are allotted, you will be tasked with completing four different exam sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and the Analytical Writing Assessment. Questions ranging from multiple-choice to essay format will test your analytical and writing skills, while the time allowed in each section will force you to maintain focus and work efficiently. Enrolling in a Chicago GMAT class will provide you with expert instruction focused on improving your areas of need. Though you will have the option to choose one of three different configurations of test sections, we'll start with the Verbal Reasoning section.

In the Verbal Reasoning section of the exam, you will have the opportunity to illustrate your fluency in comprehension, your skills in analyzing arguments, and your command of standard written English by answering three types of questions: reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. You will have 65 minutes to complete 36 multiple-choice questions. If you struggle with evaluating arguments and inferring ideas from texts, getting a jump start on your studies can go a long way towards showing business schools that you're capable of thinking critically and completing a complex task.

The Quantitative Reasoning section is 62 minutes long and measures your ability to reason mathematically, solve quantitative problems, and interpret graphic data. There are 31 multiple-choice questions in this section that cover problem-solving and data sufficiency. These questions will test your understanding of math concepts, some of which you may have not studied since high school, such as algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. The data sufficiency questions might give you pause if you've never encountered them before. You will be provided with a question and two statements. Utilizing your reasoning, math, and general knowledge skills, you will be asked to choose when there's enough data in the statement to answer the question.

The Integrated Reasoning section tests your skills in identifying relevant information and data, making inferences, and using data from graphics, tables, text, and other sources to analyze and answer questions. In this section, you will answer four different question types, including multi-source reasoning, graphic interpretation, table analysis, and two-part analysis. Scoring high on this portion of the exam can show business schools that you can undertake complex projects by sorting through large streams of data from multiple sources. You will have 30 minutes to complete 12 questions.

Finally, the Analytical Writing Assessment provides you with an opportunity to illustrate your critical thinking and writing abilities by evaluating a given argument. Success in this section of the exam is measured by the quality of your arguments, the depth of your response, and your ability to identify and analyze important aspects of the argument you are provided with, among other things. By executing a well-thought-out response and a thorough critique, you can show business schools that you can think critically and formulate original ideas.

How do Chicago GMAT courses help me prepare for my exam?

Enrolling in a Chicago GMAT course can be a great way to add structure and depth to your GMAT review by building foundational test-taking skills that can increase your efficiency come exam day. All students learn in different ways and at different speeds. Your expert instructor can take the time to learn your needs and learning style to ensure you get the most out of your experience. If you are struggling with complex mathematics, you can schedule one-on-one time with your instructor to review algebraic concepts or geometric formulas. Detailed, customized instruction, as well as peer collaboration, can provide you with a dynamic learning experience unlike any other.

If you are struggling with GMAT fatigue, a Chicago GMAT class is a great way to rejuvenate your studies. Reviewing material with peers can serve as a great motivator as you begin your final push toward exam day. With classes geared toward covering all elements of the test, you will not be left short-handed. Instead of trying to identify accurate and relevant study materials on the internet, Varsity Tutors can provide you with up-to-date content that reflects what you will encounter in the exam. If you are wondering how to efficiently break down and analyze arguments provided to you in the Analytical Writing Assessment, you can utilize practice essay prompts to exercise your skills and receive immediate feedback from your instructor.

How can I sign up for a Chicago GMAT course?

Whether you are a working professional or an undergraduate student seeking admittance into business school, enrolling in a Chicago GMAT course can provide you with a flexible online learning experience. Offering two- and four-week classes with new sessions beginning every week, Varsity Tutors is confident that we can find something that will fit into your busy schedule.

Every one of the skills you will be tested on by the GMAT will serve you at some point in your business career. You've no doubt already invested a lot of time into your education. Let us help you maximize your investments by getting you started in a Chicago GMAT class today.

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