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Gone are the days when Kindergarten child s learned to read short words, write their names, and spend a good portion of their days engaging in activity that, to outsiders, might look more like play than actual learning. Over the past few years, standards have been in flux, and now, the Common Core standards that have been adopted lay out specific expectations for what Kindergarten-aged children are supposed to know by the end of their Kindergarten year.

Now, youths in Kindergarten are expected to be able to know number names and counting, to be able to compare numbers, use numbers 11-19, to begin learning about place value, to be able to classify objects and count objects in certain categories, and be able to identify and describe shapes. These are just a few of the mathematical concepts that Kindergarten-aged children are expected to have some understanding of at the end of their Kindergarten year, under the Common Core Kindergarten Math standards.

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There are hundreds of flashcards that include a wide range of concepts. These free flashcards online are an option for parents and children who need something to help reinforce the various concepts that the children are working on in classes. Each of these flashcards presents a multiple-choice question, and in the case of the Kindergarten-level mathematics, there are three potential answers.

When your child chooses an answer, you’ll both get immediate feedback. These flashcards give the correct answer, as well as an explanation of how to go about getting the answer. Because these flashcards are available online, you can access them anytime with your child to review some of the various concepts contained in the Common Core Kindergarten Math Flashcards. You can skip concepts you know that your child understands, or use flashcards multiple times if there are concepts you think your child is struggling with.

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There are a range of Learning Tools available that you can use with your child to review Common Core Kindergarten Math concepts, in addition to the flashcards for the subject; Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools also includes a handful of Full-Length Practice Tests to help you see where your child may need more help, more than 100 Practice Tests that you can use to judge how well your child is progressing, a Question of the Day series that provides a random question about concepts that child s learn in Common Core Kindergarten Math, as well as an interactive syllabus called Learn By Concept, that provides in-depth information on these concepts.

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