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If you're looking for test prep for a college entrance exam, Varsity Tutors offers a Boston ACT course. Our courses are designed to review the material you learn up to your senior year and focus you on improving study and test-taking skills. Your proficiency and confidence are essential to reaching for your performance goals on the test. The future of your academic career may depend on the effort you put into preparing for the ACT.

The ACT is administered throughout the year. Its purpose is to help college admissions personnel assess your abilities and compare them to other students applying to their schools. As one of the two major college entrance exams, the ACT is accepted at any college, though the SAT is more popular in Massachusetts. Many students take the ACT anyway to expand the options of which test scores they show to colleges. These scores are often used to predict a student's future success. Taking a Boston ACT class is helpful in addressing any skill gaps you may have, whether in English, math, or any other core subject. If you're a student at institutions like Boston Latin School or Boston College High School looking to round out your, an ACT prep course could be just the thing for you.

What Can a Boston ACT Class Help Me Study?

From filling any learning gaps to instilling test-taking skills, an ACT class can help high school students in many ways. The ACT is a long, comprehensive exam. It consists of four sections: Math, Reading, English, and Science, while the ACT Plus Writing adds an optional essay. The standard test is 2-hours, 55-minutes without breaks, while with the optional writing section, it is 3-hours, 55-minutes. Taking a Boston ACT class can help you review subjects, expose you to the test format, and help you work on reaching a higher confidence level. Before we get into the specifics of how the class works, here's a look at each section of the ACT.

The Math section measures your ability in all mathematical skills taught up until the start of 12th grade, including algebra, coordinate and plane geometry, and trigonometry. Problem-solving, graphing, functions, number systems, and other mathematical concepts are covered as well in the 60 questions that make up this section. You will have 60 minutes to answer every question in this part of the test.

Reading comprehension is the focus of the Reading section. Passage-based questions are structured based on a first-year college reading level. The answer to each question measures your ability to summarize ideas, identify central ideas and themes, and understand different relationships between facts and information. You'll also have to determine the meaning of words and phrases and point out facts versus opinions. If reading is your strong point then this shouldn't be a problem, but if you've had opportunities in the past it's a good idea to have a professional instructor identify any gaps and help you work on any necessary improvements to answer the 40 questions in 35 minutes.

The English section is 45 minutes, during which you must answer 75 questions. These are passage-based and measure your proficiency in word usage, grammar, and punctuation as well as topic development and organization. It's also important to understand the style and tone of language. A complete understanding of language skills is crucial in demonstrating your readiness for a college-level curriculum.

Also a required section, the Science test on the ACT covers biology, chemistry, physics, Earth science, and space science. The 40 questions in this 35-minute section measure technical skills like problem-solving, interpretation, reasoning, analysis, and evaluation. How well you manipulate and analyze scientific data in the various formats presented and apply the scientific method affects how you perform in this section.

Although it is optional, the Writing section provides an accurate assessment of your ability to write a clear, concise essay. The prompt presents an issue and three different perspectives on it. Your response must reveal your own perspective and make connections between it and at least one of the three provided points of view. This section requires you to use writing skills you've been taught in high school English classes.

How Can I Benefit from Taking a Boston ACT Course?

Each course is led by an experienced instructor who can guide you and your peers. You'll meet at predetermined times online via a live virtual platform so you can hear, see, and interact with all participants. Varsity Tutors courses provide the opportunity to collaborate and work with groups, which can be highly effective at developing your skills, test-taking abilities, and confidence. Practice tests may be used to familiarize you with the format of the ACT, while various strategies taking tests can be explored. For example, stumbling on a hard question does not have to grind things to a halt; you might be able to skip it until later or eliminate answers that don't make sense.

You can also find a Boston ACT course that fits in your schedule. If a lunchtime session doesn't work, then try an evening or weekend course. Courses start on a weekly basis, and we offer two- and four-week sessions depending on your needs. If necessary, you can even schedule one-on-one time with your instructor. Whether you need help organizing your ideas for the essay or need to improve on solving mathematical equations or geometric calculations, individual customized sessions can focus on your immediate opportunities.

How Do I Find the Best Boston ACT Prep Course for Me?

That's an easy question for us to answer. At Varsity Tutors, we can explain the course and help you with the sign-up process. This is a time during which it's worth investing in learning and shoring up foundational academic skills. The skills you learn can be used towards reaching for your performance goals on the ACT and applying yourself in college. It is an investment in your future. Contact us today to get started immediately with a Boston ACT course.

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