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If you are attending a school like Germantown Friends School or Conestoga Senior High School and know you need to start preparing for the SAT but don't know where to start, Varsity Tutors can help you identify the right Philadelphia SAT prep solution for you. The SAT is one of the most important tests a high school student will face, and yet many students fail to prepare for it adequately because the consequences are so far removed from their daily experience.

The SAT can play a significant role in the decision of college admissions officials who review student applications. Whether you will be applying the college of your dreams in a couple of years or within the next few months, making the time to prepare for your SAT thoroughly is a great first step towards your higher education goals. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect when you take the SAT and how Varsity Tutors can help you find the best Philadelphia SAT prep solution for your needs.

What can Philadelphia SAT prep cover?

There are three sections in the SAT; Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. You can also elect to include the SAT Essay, which will assess your writing abilities. The three main sections of the SAT all include multiple-choice questions. You will have three hours to finish these sections. You will have an additional 50 minutes to complete the Essay portion if you choose to include it.

In the Reading section of the SAT, you will be given 65 minutes to answer 52 questions. A few of the topics you may want to include as part of your SAT review efforts are recognizing relationships between text and supplemental data, identifying the various ways authors present their positions, overall reading comprehension skills, and locating evidence within passages to defend answers.

In the Writing and Language piece of the SAT, you will be given 35 minutes to answer 44 multiple-choice questions. All of the questions are derived from written passages. Some of the skills appraised in this section of the exam include your ability to use words within a given context, your capacity to analyze scientific and historical information, sentence structure, punctuation, verb tense, vocabulary, subject-verb agreement, and proper comma use.

For the Math part of the SAT, you will have 80 minutes to complete 58 multiple choice questions. This section is divided into two parts. One part allows the use of a calculator and one which does not. When preparing for the test be sure you become familiar with the type of calculator you will be allowed to use, or you may find yourself struggling during the exam.

You will have 50 minutes to answer a single question in the SAT Essay. You will be presented with a passage and required to assess the author's argument based on the data the provided, persuasiveness, style, and tone. The essay is not an opportunity to agree or disagree with the author. You must evaluate the writing of the author and systematically defend your evaluation. You will need to call upon various academic skills to accomplish this task. Working with a skilled instructor can help you work on developing and refining these skills.

What are the benefits of taking a Philadelphia SAT prep class?

One of the many benefits of taking an SAT prep course is the comprehensive review you will receive. You don't have to worry about figuring out which skills you should study on your own; the guesswork is taken out of the preparation process. Your teacher will deliver targeted instruction in an online classroom setting. As you systematically work your way through the individual sections of the class, you can work towards your SAT goals. You can choose between two and four-week sessions depending on your availability and how much time you want to spend preparing for the SAT. Both options will allow you to become familiar with the format of the exam and give you the opportunity to review the subject area content covered in the SAT.

How is working with a Philadelphia SAT tutor different from taking a course?

Working with a private instructor makes it easier to receive the type of personalized instruction many students find invaluable in their SAT preparation efforts. While you can receive answers to specific questions as part of a Philadelphia SAT prep course, it's impossible for the instructors to offer individualized instruction because they must divide their time between group instruction and helping all of the students. By working with a private tutor, you become the sole focus of your instructor during your study sessions. Your tutor has the time to learn more about your personality, academic needs, and learning style. This information then informs the decisions they make as they prepare your lessons. When your lessons are explicitly crafted with your SAT preparations goals in mind, it is easier to ensure you cover precisely what you need the most help with during your study time.

Speaking of study time, it isn't always convenient to attend a course. Whether you have significant school and extracurricular activities, family responsibilities, or work to consider, you may not have space in your schedule when classes are offered. If that sounds like you, working with a private instructor can be a lifesaver. You have the opportunity to schedule your SAT prep sessions at times which are most convenient for you. You can schedule your sessions throughout the week and weekends during the day or in the evenings. With so much scheduling freedom it's easy to prioritize your SAT preparation and get the professional support you deserve.

How can I get started with Philadelphia SAT prep?

Varsity Tutors can help you quickly get started with the right Philadelphia SAT preparation solutions for your scheduling and academic needs. Whether you want a comprehensive review in a familiar group setting or you would rather work at your own pace with a private instructor, there are many options available. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get started immediately.

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