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For many who aspire to attend law school, the LSAT is a daunting part of their application process, but Varsity Tutors is here to help by connecting you with Dallas Fort-Worth LSAT prep. Whether you're looking for private instruction with a Dallas-Fort Worth LSAT tutor or you're more inclined to join a prep class with other students, we can connect you with an appropriate resource that suits your personality and fits into your schedule.

The Law School Admission Test is accepted by ABA-accredited law schools, including The University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law and the Texas A&M University School of Law. This exam can be quite the stressor for prospective law school students, but with focused preparation, it may be easier to deal with.

What can I expect from Dallas-Fort Worth LSAT preparation?

The LSAT is comprised of sections covering four types of content. You'll have just under three hours to complete the exam. The exam covers Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Writing. Dallas-Fort Worth LSAT prep can help you to improve your understanding of any (or all) of these topics. Your score is determined by the number of questions that you answer correctly.

The exam is administered on digital tablets. The Writing section is administered separately online, via a secure testing platform, and can be taken separately. In fact, prospective law school students have a year after they take the multiple choice portions of the LSAT to complete the Writing exam. Let's jump in and look at the Analytical Reasoning section first.

The Analytical Reasoning section assesses how well you understand the structure of relationships and examines how well you determine a solution to the problem given. Questions in this section assess how easily you recognize two statements that are logically equivalent with context, how you determine what is true when you're given facts and rules to consider, and whether you can determine what's true in hypothetical situations when you're given new information to assimilate into what you already know. This section has a 35-minute time limit.

In the Reading Comprehension section, you'll be given questions that explore your ability to identify the main idea or primary purpose in a passage, use given information within a new context, identify the attitude of an author by reading the tone of the passage, and what information you can infer from given passages. This section has a 35-minute time limit.

Questions in the Reading Comprehension section pertain to long-form complex passages that are similar to what you're likely to see in law school. Those questions examine how well you determine the meanings or purpose of words using context, how you use information that is explicitly stated, and how you recognize information that can be inferred. You'll have 35 minutes to complete this section.

In the two Logical Reasoning sections, you'll encounter questions that focus on your ability to scrutinize passages in content from a variety of sources: newspapers and magazines, academic publications, advertisements, and others. These questions gauge how well you recognize points of disagreement, parts of arguments, and similarities and differences in patterns of reasoning. They also explore how well you can draw conclusions, determine how additional evidence affects an argument, and if you can identify flaws in given arguments. You'll have 70 minutes to complete both sections.

The unscored Writing section is an opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills. You'll be presented with an issue and two potential courses of action or decisions to be made. Evaluators will be looking at how well you can explain your choice. The law schools that you apply to will receive a copy of this section to get an idea of your skills in language and writing mechanics, as well as how organized and clear your writing is. This section lasts for 35 minutes.

How can Dallas-Fort Worth LSAT prep help me?

There are two instructional methods that could be useful as you begin your Dallas-Fort Worth LSAT prep. You can choose to work individually with a Dallas-Fort Worth LSAT tutor, or you can take advantage of the energy and potential for discussion in a group setting by enrolling in a Dallas-Fort Worth LSAT prep course. Each method has unique benefits, and some students even consider combining the two methods as they prepare for this big test.

For students who feel they'll get more out of private instruction with an academic coach, we can introduce you to a Dallas-Fort Worth LSAT prep tutor. From the very first session, they will get to know you to make sure that your plan of attack works with your likes and dislikes and your learning style. They'll find a way to focus on the topics you struggle with to help you increase your understanding. They can incorporate strategies that they feel will help you understand these topics more easily. Your meetings are also flexible in that you can meet in the same physical location or connect online, anywhere you are, thanks to Varsity Tutors' Live Learning Platform.

For individuals who thrive on the energy of a group and want a collaborative experience, enrollment in a Dallas-Fort Worth LSAT prep course is an option. These sessions occur online, connecting you with your classmates and your instructor via the Live Learning Platform. You can engage in discussion, get study tips, and even offer your own suggestions based on your experience. One benefit to this style of instruction is that you can get relevant insights from others. Classes run for two or four weeks, and new sessions begin every week.

What can I do to find help for Dallas-Fort Worth LSAT preparation?

Finding Dallas-Fort Worth LSAT prep is simple when you reach out to Varsity Tutors. We can connect you with a variety of resources, including instructors who have the drive to help you perform as well as you can. You could look for study aids on your own, or you could take the more efficient route and let us do the work. Our educational consultants are ready and eager to help you.

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