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Question of the Day: EMR First Responder

The ratio for compressions to breaths for a child with just one rescuer is:
15 to 1.
30 to 1.
15 to 2
30 to 2

If you’re interested in helping others in distress, you should look into becoming an Emergency Medical Responder. These individuals rescue people in distress in a wide variety of situations, from basic first aid to compete life support to rescue from a remote environment. The life of an EMR is an adrenaline rush with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve saved a life. In order to become an EMR, however, you must complete a state-level course to prove you have been thoroughly trained in this area, and then you can move on to EMR certification. This is a tough exam that tests the limits of your knowledge. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools like Question of the Day can help you study and prepare for this certification.

Regardless of how recently you’ve taken your state certification exam, it is important to develop daily test review habits, rather than cramming at the last minute. If you cram the night before the EMR certification, you’ll feel unprepared and anxious about the test, which will prevent you from being able to complete the test successfully. Instead, use Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools to help you study. One of the best tools to help you is Question of the Day.

Question of the Day for EMR updates every single day, with questions based on past EMR certification exams. Because every EMR Question of the Day is different, you’ll get familiar with answering unfamiliar questions, and this confidence translates well into your test-taking ability. You can also take advantage of the timer feature, which shows you how long you took to answer the question. If you took a long time to answer a question, that indicates you should study the material more, and that can guide your daily test practice. Because the EMR certification exam is timed, you can also use the timer feature to practice answering quickly and accurately.

If you scroll to the bottom of the answer page, you will also find a full explanation of the correct answer to your Question of the Day for EMR certification. Regardless of whether or not you answered the question correctly, you can find more information about the right answer which can help you become more familiar with similar questions later.

EMR Question of the Day also tracks your progress with graphs. When you answer many of these questions every day, the pie chart will track your correct incorrect answers so you can aim to improve in certain areas. You can also compare your correct answers to other students who are studying for their EMR certification.

Because you want to be an EMR, you must get comfortable in high pressure, difficult situations, and the EMR certification is no exception. However, recall of this information is vitally important in the field, as well as in the test. Use Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools like Question of the Day for free EMR certification practice every day to get the best possible preparation for your EMR certification exam.

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