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Wherever you are in your GRE preparation, Varsity Tutors can get you started in a Los Angeles GRE course that provides a more in-depth review than you may be capable of doing alone. The Graduate Records Examinations, or GRE, will be one of the largest hurdles you will have to clear on your way to graduate school. If you are a student or a working professional who is preparing to take the GRE, you may be considering where to begin your review.

For those who are searching for additional assistance as they begin studying or want to elevate their current studies, a Los Angeles GRE prep course could be the perfect solution. If you decide to pursue this sort of help, you will enjoy collaborative online courses led by an expert instructor. The GRE is accepted by thousands of colleges and universities like the University of Southern California and UCLA, and your score is one of the major factors that will play a part in deciding your future higher learning institution. If you want to get serious about GRE prep, why not treat yourself to a Los Angeles GRE course?

What could a Los Angeles GRE class help me review?

The GRE is administered in more than 160 countries around the world. It is a computer-based test in most parts of the world, and it will take roughly three hours and 45 minutes to complete. In your preparation for the Los Angeles GRE, it is critical that you are aware of all three sections of the test, which include Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. Let's take a closer look at each section, shall we?

The Analytical Writing section allows you 60 minutes to complete two separate tasks. You will have 30 minutes per task. The first task involves analyzing an issue and the second task involves analyzing an argument. Skills involved in this section of the GRE include assessing the task and directions, planning your response, writing your response, and checking your response for errors and clarity if time permits. The Analytical Writing section is set up to assess a variety of skills. These include articulating complex concepts effectively and clearly, supporting ideas with examples and reasons, examining claims using accompanying evidence, maintaining a focused and coherent discussion, and your command of written English.

Next, we have the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE. This section features two sections of 20 questions and the test-taker is allowed 60 minutes to complete both. This portion of the test also involves three separate types of questions, the first being reading comprehension. Reading comprehension questions involve reading a one to several paragraph-length passage and demonstrating your understanding and evaluation skills by answering related questions. Test completion is the next question type you will see in this section, and it involves deciding the best answer for blank selections of short passages. Lastly, you will encounter sentence equivalence questions, in which you will use partial information in a single sentence to choose the best answers for how it should complete. Skills assessed in this section include summarizing a passage, reaching conclusions from partial information, evaluating a passage, and more.

Finally, you will take the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE. This section also contains two sections of 20 questions, and you are allowed exactly one hour and 10 minutes to complete both. The Quantitative Reasoning section is created to assess basic math skills, your understanding of math concepts, and the ability to use logical reasoning and problem-solving skills to solve problems using quantitative methods. Content areas you can expect to encounter in this section include algebra, geometry, and data analysis. This section also features multiple question types, including quantitative comparison, multiple-choice, and numeric entry.

In addition to the three core sections mentioned above, you may also be asked to take an Experimental section or a Research section. These sections are both unscored and are used to try out questions for potential future use. The Experimental section, if present, is embedded within the Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning sections, and it will not be identified. The Research section comes at the end of the test and could take the place of the embedded Experimental section. The Research section is identified, and it is optional.

How can a Los Angeles GRE course help me prepare?

GRE courses are held in collaborative, online environments, making a Los Angeles GRE course compatible with even the busiest of schedules. The GRE courses we can set you up with offer a positive, encouraging work environment that can lead to increased self-confidence via the completion of small goals. Each instructor can help future test-takers to work smarter rather than harder to achieve more in a shorter amount of time. GRE courses also allow unique opportunities for continuous feedback that you can't always get at a traditional school. You won't have to wait for your report card to come out at the end of the term to figure out where you should be focusing the hardest. While courses like these can guide you toward knowledge that you'll need to choose the correct answers, they can also help you to build study skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Where can I find a Los Angeles GRE class?

Enrolling in a GRE class is an investment in your academic and professional futures. Varsity Tutors can get you enrolled in a prep course that is both right for you and fits your busy schedule. No matter what your goals are for graduate school, your score on the GRE is critical. The better you prepare for your test, the better you are setting yourself up for the future. Invest the time you've set aside to prepare on a convenient, comprehensive way to review. Contact the educational consultants at Varsity Tutors today to get more information on how a Los Angeles GRE class could help you as you work toward completing the graduate school admissions process and let us help you prepare for the future.

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