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If you're a student hoping to get into a prestigious law school such as the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA or the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, Varsity Tutors would be happy to help you get signed up for a Los Angeles MCAT course. The MCAT is a 7.5-hour exam which evaluates students on concepts that medical schools believe are critical for a prospective medical school student's success. The MCAT is required by almost all medical schools in the United States for admissions purposes. It is vital for you to do well on this test, so you'll want to take advantage of every option available to assist you in studying. Varsity Tutors is here to support you in preparing to face this difficult exam. Continue reading if you'd like to know more about how a Los Angeles MCAT class can benefit you.

What can a Los Angeles MCAT course cover?

The MCAT consists of four sections which you have six hours and 15 minutes to complete, not including breaks. The exam is a computer-based multiple-choice test and each section evaluates you on different skills necessary to succeed in medical school. You will be assessed on Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills, Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems, and Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior. Let's take a look at each section separately and the skills you will want to review to do well on the exam.

The Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems assessment consists of 59 questions which you must finish within 95 minutes. This section has 10 sets of questions which are each based on a different passage, as well as 15 independent questions. The subjects you will need to review for this part of the exam are organic and inorganic chemistry, general chemistry, introductory physics, introductory biology, and basic biochemistry. You will need to understand the functions of the human body's tissues, organs, and organ systems. Your MCAT review course can help you go over the chemical and physical principles that underlie the mechanisms operating in the human body as well as basic chemical and physical principles of living systems. An MCAT course can also assist you in reviewing chemical reactions and the periodic table.

The Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section is a 90-minute section consisting of 53 questions. There will be nine passages in this section, each requiring you to answer up to seven questions regarding the passage. This section assesses your verbal reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical skills. The passages provided here will come from a variety of disciplines in social science and humanities. However, you will not need any specific prior knowledge of these subjects, as the questions can be answered from the passages themselves. You will need to review the basic components of a text and how to combine them to help with comprehension. Your MCAT review course can help you practice applying ideas from the passage to a new context or how the impact of new information affects a passage.

The next section is the Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems section. In this section, you will have 59 questions to answer, split into 10 passage-based sets with 4-6 questions per set, plus 15 independent questions. You will need to finish this section within 95 minutes. Your Los Angeles MCAT course can help you review the processes that are unique to living organisms as well as biological and biochemical foundational concepts. This section tests your knowledge of general chemistry, organic chemistry, introductory biology, and basic biochemistry. You will want to review how cells and organ systems work together to accomplish processes such as growing and reproducing, and how they work independently. Reviewing these concepts with an expert instructor can help you move through the section of the MCAT with more ease.

The final section of the MCAT is the Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior assessment. This section contains 59 questions split into 10 passage-based sets along with 15 independent questions. You will have 95 minutes to demonstrate your ability to serve an increasingly diverse population. You will want to showcase your knowledge of how behavior impacts health as well as mental health issues. This section requires you to brush up on biology, introductory psychology, and introductory sociology material. If any of these skills sound like something you need to help to improve, an MCAT course can assist you in reviewing behavioral changes and how psychological and other factors influence perception and reaction.

This exam is complex and difficult, but studying all the content necessary to do well does not need to be frustrating or lonely. When you sign up for an MCAT review course, you can gain support from an expert instructor as well as the ability to form relationships with other students who are going through the same review process you are.

What are the benefits of a Los Angeles MCAT class?

When you sign up for a Los Angeles MCAT prep course, you gain access to an online, collaborative classroom in which you can interact directly with your teacher just like you would be able to in a traditional course. You'll be able to participate in group activities and discussions with your classmates, which can help you to understand the concepts more fully. You'll be able to attend your class sessions anywhere you can find internet and a computer. This makes it easy and convenient to fit MCAT review into your busy schedule.

How do I get started in a Los Angeles MCAT course?

To get enrolled in an MCAT course, all you need to do is call Varsity Tutors and speak with one of our educational consultants. We can help you decide between taking a two-week and four-week course. With new class sessions beginning each week, you can start your MCAT review as soon as you're ready. Give Varsity Tutors a call today and let us help you enroll in a Los Angeles MCAT class.

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