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If your child will soon face the SSAT, Varsity Tutors can help you identify and begin utilizing the right Los Angeles SSAT prep solutions. You want the best for your child, and that can mean sending them to one of the best independent or private schools in your area. Many of these schools rely on SSAT scores as part of their admissions requirements. While this is not the only indicator of a student's academic ability, it is a highly reliable method to ascertain a student's basic math, verbal, and reading comprehension skills. Continue reading to learn more about the exam and how Varsity Tutors can help your student prepare.

What can Los Angeles SSAT prep cover?

There are three SSAT levels; Elementary, Middle, and Upper. The levels correspond to the grade levels of the students taking the exam. The Elementary Level SSAT is designed for children who will be applying for admission to the fourth or fifth grade. The Middle Level SSAT is for those students who are applying for admission to grades six through eight. The Upper Level SSAT is for those students applying for admission to grades nine and above. There are SSAT prep resources designed for each of these levels to help your student work towards their potential.

There are six sections for both the Middle and Upper Level SSAT, but of these only four contribute to the final score. The scored sections include Quantitative 1 and 2, Reading, and Verbal. In total, students will have just under three hours to complete 167 questions for these levels. There are three scored portions of the Elementary Level SSAT; Quantitative, Verbal, and Reading. Students have just under two hours to complete a total of 89 questions for this level. The unscored parts for all levels include a Writing Sample and the Experimental section. However, the writing sample submitted as part of the SSAT will be sent to all schools the student is applying to and may be considered as part of the application process.

Children facing the Elementary Level SSAT will need to demonstrate their abilities with a wide variety of concepts. These may include basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, shapes, number order, measurement, fractions, and graph interpretation. English concepts your child may need to review include synonyms, analogies, vocabulary, main idea, literal and nonliteral word meanings, and using context clues to determine the meaning of a word.

Students who will be taking the Middle Level SSAT will need to display their skills with multiple concepts. Some of the math concepts they will need to be experienced with include equations, operations using variables, mean, median, mode, range, ratio and proportion, perimeter and area of a geometric shape, and coordinate geometry. A few of the English skills they may need to refine include identifying the main idea, making predictions, finding details, making inferences, identifying the meaning of words from context clues, and identifying an author's purpose.

Students facing the Upper Level SSAT will need to demonstrate their proficiency with numerous concepts. Some of the math concepts they will need to be proficient in include line equations, finding perimeters of polygons and circles, solving algebraic problems, graphing, word problems, properties of triangles, and arithmetic sequences. English concepts they may need to review include identifying the main idea, making inferences or predictions, author's purpose and tone, identifying and evaluating arguments and opinions, synonyms and analogies, prefixes, suffixes, antonyms, word roots, and parts of speech.

Because admissions officials will see the writing section, it is essential to ensure your student's writing skills are where they need to be. Depending on which level of the exam they will be taking, some of the skills they may need to refine include organization of written pieces, grammar, spelling, punctuation, persuasive techniques, and supplying supporting evidence.

How can a Los Angeles SSAT prep class help me prepare?

A Los Angeles SSAT prep class can give your student the academic structure and support they need to work steadily towards their scoring goal. Classes are divided into individual sections and begin weekly. This modular design allows you to have your student start preparing quickly.

All classes are held in a secure online learning environment. Digital classes mean you don't have to worry about transportation to and from class, which eliminates time and stress from the preparation process. The instructor will deliver content to the students during each session and may also facilitate group discussion or projects. If your student has specific questions they will have an opportunity to ask instructors questions.

How is working with a Los Angeles SSAT tutor different from taking a course?

Working with a private instructor allows for more personalized instruction than is available to students in a Los Angeles SSAT prep course. While both are effective methods of preparation, courses are not designed to facilitate extensive one-on-one instruction. Private tutoring allows your child to be the sole focus of each session. The instructor has the time to discuss topics in greater depth, provide more examples, and give more direct feedback when working individually with a student. Sessions are based on your student's specific academic needs, learning style, and SSAT goals.

Another difference between private tutoring sessions and SSAT courses is in how they are scheduled. Courses have a schedule in place. With private sessions, you have more scheduling flexibility. You can choose times that are more convenient for you and your child. Sessions can be scheduled throughout the week and on weekends at any time of the day so you don't have to worry about fitting it into your schedule.

What's the easiest way to get started with the right Los Angeles SSAT prep solution for me?

Varsity Tutors can help you identify the right Los Angeles SSAT preparation resources for your child. Doing well on this exam could be a deciding factor for an admissions panel, so it's imperative your child do their best and professional academic support can help the work towards that goal. Contact Varsity Tutors today to give your student the high-quality academic support they need.

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