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Question of the Day: NASM

Which of these is not a benefit of a warm-up?

Increased tissue temperature

Increased psychological preparation

Direct hypertrophy of the muscles that are warmed up

Increased heart and respiratory rate

If you want to become a fitness professional, whether a sports coach or a personal trainer, the National Academy of Sports Medicine sets the standard for professionals in fitness and sports. They created specific training and certification programs to ensure that fitness professionals maintain a strict code of safety, hygiene, and professionalism. By creating industry standards, NASM ensures that clients and sports players remain safe, and meet certain criteria. The NASM certification shows that you are a well-trained professional. However, in order to receive this certification, you must pass the NASM exam – and Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools is here to help. With a suite of free online NASM practice tools like Question of the Day, you can get fully prepared for your exam.

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Question of the Day updates every day of the week with new questions to test your fitness knowledge. These questions are inspired by the multiple-choice sections of past certification tests, so you can become very familiar with the structure of the NASM exam. After you answer the question, you can see how well you did, and if you’ve answered multiple questions in Question of the Day as part of your daily test review, you can track your answers as you improve your knowledge. For a little healthy competition, you can also compare your answers to those of other students studying for the NASM certification exam online.

One of the best features of NASM Question of the Day is the detailed answer, revealed at the bottom of the answer page. Whether you answer the question correctly or not, you can get more information from the details in this answer. With more information, you will understand the subject matter even better, and that will help you answer other, similar questions in the future.

Question of the Day also has a timer feature. Although you can take as much time as you need to answer this multiple-choice question, the timer shows you which questions you take longer to answer. This can help guide your test review to subjects you are less familiar with. Because the NASM certification exam has a time limit, you can also use this feature to improve how quickly you answer questions, along with how correctly you answer. This great feature helps you get used to a high-pressure environment like an exam room.

Question of the Day is just one of the many great Learning Tools offered for free online. Use the whole suite to prepare for your exam.

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