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If your child is preparing to take the SSAT and needs some extra help, let Varsity Tutors enroll them in a quality Atlanta SSAT prep course. The SSAT is an exam that independent schools will look at to determine how proficient students are in certain subjects that are needed to succeed at their institution. The score that a student earns on this test may be a factor in determining their admission. Therefore, it is imperative that students study hard for this exam.

The SSAT tests students on skills that will serve them throughout their entire academic career and beyond. By enrolling your child in an Atlanta SSAT class, you will be helping them learn skills that will allow them to grow throughout their entire lives. Varsity Tutors can help your child on this journey. In this program, students will be able to gain insight into how the test is laid out and what they will need to study in order to succeed.

What skills will students learn in an Atlanta SSAT class?

The SSAT consists of three levels that correspond with the grade level of a student. These levels are Elementary Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level. In each of these levels, there is a Writing Sample, a Quantitative Section, a Reading Section, and a Verbal Section. There will also be an unscored Experimental section. Let's have a look at each of these sections in turn to get an idea of what students at every level will face in them.

The Writing Sample will test how proficient students are in composing a coherent and well-organized piece of writing. Students at all levels must have a strong command of English grammar and an ability to organize their piece in a way that flows naturally. Upper Level students will be allowed to choose between a creative writing prompt and an essay prompt. The student must know how to write persuasively and use specific examples to support their point of view. Middle Level students are allowed to choose between two creative writing prompts. Elementary Level students will be asked to compose a basic story about a picture prompt. This story must include a clear beginning, middle, and end.

The Quantitative Section will evaluate how well a student can work with mathematics. Upper Level students must have an advanced ability to solve problems in fields such as algebra, geometry, and probability. Middle Level students will need to know these concepts as well, along with topics such as coordinate geometry, perimeter and area of shapes, and ratios. Elementary Level students must have a grasp of basic arithmetic such as multiplication, division, fractions, place value, and shapes. Students may not use a calculator on any level of this section.

The Reading Section of the test will assess how well a student can read over a passage and extract meaning from it. Upper and Middle Level students must be able to make logical inferences from the passages, analyze the arguments contained within them, and determine the author's overall tone and purpose. Elementary Level students must be able to identify the main point of the passages and determine the meaning of words based on context clues.

In the Verbal Section of the test, Upper and Middle Level students must demonstrate how well they understand synonyms and analogies. Upper Level students must have a grasp of suffixes and prefixes in Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon. Additionally, they must have an understanding of word roots. Middle Level students must also know suffixes and prefixes and they should be able to understand how words relate to each other. Elementary Level students should be able to work with analogies, demonstrate knowledge of vocabulary that is appropriate for their age, and understand the relationships between different words.

How can classes help students prepare for the SSAT?

When you get your child signed up for an Atlanta SSAT class, they will be given access to a collaborative virtual program that is overseen by an expert instructor. The environment is very similar to one that the student would encounter in a traditional classroom, but it takes place online. For your convenience, class sections begin weekly, and you can choose between a two-week and four-week class. Collaborative classes have been shown to help students gain a deeper understanding of the material. If there are parts of the test that your child needs help on, they can bring up the issues during class. Perhaps they are struggling with mathematical skills or they need some advice on how to compose a better essay. These are topics that the instructor can help them understand. Since classes are collaborative, other students may also be able to provide them with insights on the topics that they're trying to get a better grasp of. The instructor might walk them through the problems they are trying to solve in order to clarify them. Further, students can take advantage of one-on-one time with the instructor if they are having a particularly difficult time with a certain subject.

One of the best things about the courses is that they take place within a virtual setting. This means that students don't even have to leave the house to participate in courses. All that is needed is a strong internet connection and your child is all set! With an Atlanta SSAT course, you don't have to worry about any of the hassles of a commute. Just set up a computer and your child has access to personalized instruction designed to help enhance their study skills and boost their confidence.

How can I get my child enrolled in an Atlanta SSAT course?

We want to help you pave the way for your child's education. In an increasingly complex world, it's more important than ever for your child to be equipped with the skills they need to survive. Since your child deserves the best possible education, get them the help they need to succeed on the SSAT. These foundational skills will serve as the bedrock for the rest of their education, so you should ensure that the foundation is strong.

If you are interested in getting your child enrolled in an Atlanta SSAT course, please feel free to contact Varsity Tutors with any questions that you may have.

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