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If you are looking for quality OAE test prep, Varsity Tutors has the tutoring that you need. We provide quality OAE prep services to help students better prepare for their OAE in a private learning environment. OAE stands for the Ohio Assessments for Educators, which are tests that assess the professional knowledge of candidates seeking their initial or additional licensure area in the state of Ohio. If you think that taking an OAE class could enhance your studying process and help you feel more prepared for the OAE test, contact Varsity Tutors today for more details.

Completing practice tests during OAE test preparation could help your tutor identify areas where tutoring should focus on. Your studying time during the OAE classes could become more efficient by focusing on trouble areas rather than taking a more general approach and covering material that you are already proficient in. You can work at your own pace during OAE prep.

The instructor focuses on giving you the attention you need during OAE test prep to help you properly prepare for taking the exam. Feel free to take full advantage of the OAE course and ask your tutor any questions you may have. You'll benefit from immediate feedback during OAE test prep, which can be an invaluable resource towards helping you prepare for test day. You may feel more comfortable asking questions of a tutor rather than a teacher in a busier classroom setting.

By taking OAE courses, you could learn test-taking techniques so you can be more confident on the day of the actual exam. Throughout the OAE prep, the tutor can show you how to hone your focusing skills so you can handle the pressure of taking the test. If you tend to feel pressure when taking standardized exams, share this with the tutor who can then show you relaxation techniques.

There are 100 multiple choice questions for the OAE Assessment of Professional Knowledge for the Multi-Age (PK-12) exam. You can see more exam stats in the following bullet list:

OAE Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Multi-Age (PK-12) Exam Stats

  • Computer-based testing
  • 100 multiple-choice questions
  • 1 case study (written)
  • 1 work product (written)
  • 3 Hour exam
  • Must achieve a score of 220 to pass

We understand how valuable your time is, so our Educational Directors try to match you with a tutor who has more flexibility to fit within your busy schedule. You attend your OAE test prep online via our Live Learning Platform. However, in order to complete your OAE prep online, you will need a stable internet connection. OAE tutors strive to make your test preparation as easy as possible so you can feel more confident when taking the OAE exam.

In the OAE Middle Grades science domains section, 25 percent of the exam is focused on Earth and Space Science. For more details on all four science domains, see the table below:

OAE Middle Grades Science Domains Focus Percentage of Exam Score
I Nature of Science 19
II Physical Science 31
III Life Science 25
IV Earth and Space Science 25

At Varsity Tutors, we take OAE preparation seriously. If you are prepared to do the same, contact us to speak with our Educational Directors who are available online or by phone. They can discuss the various benefits of OAE tutoring with you like improving your study and test-taking skills.

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