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Question of the Day: Phlebotomy

All of the following are disadvantages to using the femoral artery to collect ABGs EXCEPT:
it is large
it has increased risk of infection
it is near the femoral vein
it has poor collateral circulation

Medical professionals have to study phlebotomy, the process of how to accurately, and carefully, insert a needle into a vein. In order to perform this suite of skills, many medical professionals and future medical professionals take classes to test their knowledge of these skills. However, not only is it important to understand how to perform the physical actions required to perform blood transfusions or blood draws, but it is also important to have knowledge of vocabulary terms and more. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools has a suite of options to help you study, including a great feature called Question of the Day.

Question of the Day is based on past phlebotomy exams, so you can test your skills on multiple-choice tests, and learn more about how the questions on your phlebotomy exam will be phrased. To help you get thorough daily test practice, as well, Phlebotomy Question of the Day updates with a new question every single day of the week. This allows you test your understanding of the phrasing and terminology which is so integral to the practice of phlebotomy.

Daily test review is the best way to prepare for written and multiple-choice exams. When you review information each day, you may increase your retention of what you’ve studied, and you won’t have to rely on last-minute cramming before the exam.

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When you scroll to the bottom of the answer page, you will find a detailed description of the correct answer. Whether you answered Question of the Day correctly or not, you can still read this detailed explanation of the right answer and learn something new. Because this is an in-depth explanation, you can become more familiar with the terminology in general, and that will help you accurately answer similar questions later.

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