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Varsity Tutors can help your student pursue a top private or independent school by enrolling them in a Phoenix SSAT course. The SSAT is a popular standardized test administered to students between 3rd and 11th grade. Many private schools use this test to help them make admission-based decisions. Helping your student prepare for this comprehensive exam through virtual lessons is a great way to increase their odds of performing well on test day, which could increase their chances of getting into a first-choice school.

There are three versions of the SSAT: Elementary Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level. The type of test your student will take depends on their grade level. Students in the 4th and 5th grades take the Elementary Level test. If your student is between 5th and 7th grade, they'll take the Middle Level test, and they'll take the Upper Level test if they're between 8th and 11th grade. Each type of test reviews a number of subjects covered in their grade level.

Many students admit that the SSAT is one of the more challenging tests they've taken. This is especially true for younger students that don't have extensive experience preparing for standardized tests. We understand that and designed the Phoenix SSAT class to go beyond reviewing key concepts, helping pupils mentally prepare for the test as well.

What could a Phoenix SSAT course help my student review?

The course covers everything on the test as well as additional concepts designed to boost study habits and test-taking skills. While the tests are different depending on the grade level, every test has a Verbal, Reading, Writing, and Quantitative, and Experimental portion. If your student is taking the Middle or Upper Level test, they'll have two quantitative sections to study for. Let's dig a little deeper into each test and their sections.

The Writing Sample looks at the student's command over written English and how well they're able to structure a logical essay or story. For elementary students, this means creating a simplified story based upon picture-based prompt, while people taking the Middle Level test will need to come up with a well-planned story after choosing between two creative writing prompts. Upper Level students are given the choice between writing a story or a traditional essay, are graded based on their ability to create a compelling or interesting story. All students are graded on their grammar, spelling, and organizational skills.

The Quantitative Sections look at your student's ability to solve math-related problems. Elementary Level test takers are evaluated on basic arithmetic, including addition, division, and subtraction, as well as concepts like fractions and graph interpretation. Things become more challenging on the Middle Level test, diving into concepts like algebra and geometry while looking at graphing and fractions more extensively. For the Upper Level SSAT, students are assessed on a number of challenging concepts, including basic algebra, data analysis and probability, and complex word problems.

The Reading Section looks at your student's ability to read passages and extract important information based on their problems and questions. Students of all test levels are presented with this type of assessment, but the reading material becomes much more difficult for Middle and Upper Level tests. Performing well on the reading section requires students to have a good understanding of identifying important information, making inferences based on context, and understanding the difference between literal and figurative language.

Then there's the Verbal Section. This portion of the exam assesses your student's grasp of the English language as well as their ability to use proper grammar and understand the nuanced meanings in synonyms. Elementary test takers will need to know vocabulary words related to science and technology, Middle Level students should be able to make inferences and understand tone, and Upper Level students will be required to define words based on root words and context.

Finally, there's the Experimental portion of the test. This part is unscored and is administered to help the test creators develop future tests.

How does a Phoenix SSAT class help my student prepare?

If your student is someone who needs to learn in a collaborative environment, the Phoenix SSAT class is one of the best ways for them to study. Instead of memorizing definitions and concepts, they get to actually engage with the material under the guidance of a professional instructor. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions, learn from their mistakes, and benefit from helpful test-taking tips designed to prepare them for the actual assessment.

What's more, the class is conducted completely online. As such, you and your student don't have to worry about rushing across town to make it to your lessons. The program is designed to be as flexible as possible, which means that your student can participate at a time that works for them. This, combined with the collaborative element that encourages a teamwork and group study, can greatly increase your student's chances of performing well on the SSAT and getting into their first-choice school.

How can I find a Phoenix SSAT prep course?

Does your student benefit from more than simple classroom lectures and workbook exercises? If so, the Phoenix SSAT course is an excellent alternative. Regardless of where your family is located, your student can access the course and participate from anywhere as long as there's a working internet connection.

Are you ready to learn more? Great! Many students who've taken this class preferred the mixture of lectures and hands-on collaboration and said that this learning style was instrumental in helping them prepare for the test. Give your student the same opportunity to succeed by contacting Varsity Tutors today to speak with one of our friendly representatives about a Phoenix SSAT class. Our staff is happy to set your student up with a flexible study program that helps them prepare for the test in a way that works for them. Don't take any risks when it comes to your student's future. Get in touch with us today to give them the tools needed to reach their academic goals.

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