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Question of the Day: PSAT Math

Find the range of the following set of numbers:

When you want great options for college and the possibility of scholarships, you’re likely preparing for the PSAT. This standardized test helps you not only prepare for the SAT, but shows colleges and scholarship programs that you are serious about getting a great education. However, this means you have to study very thoroughly to do well on this exam – you can’t just cram at the last minute and expect good results. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offers a host of free online study tools to help you prepare for the PSAT, including Question of the Day.

Mathematics is a difficult subject for many people, so it is important to work on learning formulas and math concepts before going into the PSAT Math section. PSAT Math Question of the Day helps you prepare for this exam with a brand new multiple-choice math question every day, which is based on past versions of the PSAT Math section. This gives you the best possible preparation as part of your daily study practice. Even if you only have a few minutes to study, PSAT Math Question of the Day is an easy, quick, and effective method of preparation leading up to your standardized test.

Question of the Day immediately shows you whether you answered the question correctly or not, and that alone can help steer your daily test review to subjects that areas of math that are harder for you. However, you can also use the pie chart on the answer page to chart your progress over time. As you study, you can see if you answer more questions correctly, as the percentage of correct answers to incorrect answers should increase on the chart. You can also compare your scores to those of other students all over the country who are using PSAT Math Question of the Day to prepare for this test.

You can also scroll to the bottom of the answer page for a detailed explanation of the correct answer. Whether you answered Question of the Day right or not, the explanation of the mathematical formula might give you new insight into how to accurately answer the question, and how to apply the formula to similar questions in the future.

Best of all, PSAT Math Question of the Day has a timer, so you can see how long you take to work out the correct answer. The PSAT is timed in both sections, so it is very important for you to work on recognizing the correct formula or mathematical concept, and answering the problem right in a short amount of time. However, you can also use the timer to figure out which types of math problems are harder for you, so you can focus your study sessions and improve your speed and accuracy.

PSAT Math Question of the Day is just one of many great free PSAT practice tools offered by Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools online. Check out the rest of the tools to get in-depth study practice leading up to the PSAT.

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