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Attending a Philadelphia ISEE course provided by Varsity Tutors can be a good start to a student's ISEE test prep. With this course, students can get personalized attention from qualified teachers and work on problems in a collaborative, online setting.

Many private elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools use the Independent School Entrance Examination or ISEE when assessing future students. Generally, the higher the score of a student on the ISEE, the higher his or her chances are in getting accepted into a school. With this in mind, students and parents will want to choose a comprehensive and quality ISEE prep in their area.

When it comes to quality ISEE classes, Varsity Tutors offers a Philadelphia ISEE class that can be an excellent solution for those looking for the right ISEE test prep. Classes take place online, and students and their parents can choose from different sections that best fit their schedule.

What could a Philadelphia ISEE course help me review?

The ISEE has different levels depending on the grade of the student. These levels are Primary, Lower, Middle, and Upper level. The Primary level has three versions-Primary 2, 3, and 4. Primary 2 is given to students applying for Grade 2, Primary 3 is given to those applying for Grade 3, and Primary 4 is given to students applying for Grade 4.

The Lower level is for students who wish to enter Grades 5 or 6, while the Middle level is for those who want to enter Grade 7 or 8. The Upper level is for students who are applying for Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.

The Primary 2 exam is 53 minutes long; Primary 3 is 54 minutes, while Primary 4 is 60 minutes long. The Lower level takes 2 hours and 20 minutes, while the Middle and Upper levels are both 2 hours and 40 minutes long.

Let's take a look at the different test sections of the ISEE below. All sections are the same no matter which level a student is taking.

Verbal Reasoning

In Verbal Reasoning, students are tested on their vocabulary and reasoning ability. Test questions are made up of synonyms and sentence completion questions where students need to use context clues in order to complete a sentence. The difficulty of the questions will correspond to the level of the ISEE test and will also use grade-appropriate vocabulary.

Quantitative Reasoning

In this section, students will need to demonstrate their skills in numbers and basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. As the level goes up, more concepts are tested such as decimals, fractions, square roots, and the use of formulas for calculating measurements.

Reading Comprehension

This section tests students' reading comprehension skills through questions that ask them to find the main ideas in a text or determine cause and effect relationships. There will also be items that ask students to make inferences, compare and contrast information, and identify relationships between and features of different literary genres.


Again, the questions for this section will all be grade-appropriate. In general, they will test students on their skills in numbers and operations, measurement, algebra, geometry, data analysis and probability, and problem-solving.


This section is not scored, but schools are given a copy of the student's essay. Based on what the student wrote in the essay, schools can have an idea about their perspectives on grade-appropriate topics. Basically, the Essay section will ask the student a prompt about a topic and he or she should answer according to what the prompt instructs.

How does a Philadelphia ISEE class help me prepare?

When studying for ISEE, it is ideal to have a comprehensive review with a qualified academic instructor. Varsity Tutors has a rigorous interviewing and vetting process for instructors that ensures only those truly qualified to teach are able to lead classes. Teachers are not only educated and excited to share their knowledge but also experienced and effective in communicating concepts to students.

Besides qualified private instructors, an ISEE class provided Varsity Tutors is also presented online in virtual classrooms. Since lessons are online, a student does not need to worry about travel time and can conveniently study in his or her preferred location. This makes the ISEE prep experience less stressful for both students and parents. Parents don't need to worry about driving their kids to class and students can have more time in studying.

Another advantage when taking an ISEE prep provided by Varsity Tutors is that a student can still learn together with a group. It has been shown that collaborative group study can help students retain information longer, gain a deeper understanding of topics, and can be encouraged to think more creatively in solving problems. Our virtual classroom allows a student to enjoy live, interactive lessons together with the instructor and other students as if he or she were in a regular classroom.

How can I find a Philadelphia ISEE prep course?

In preparing for such an important test like the ISEE, proper guidance and training from a good test prep course is necessary to help students perform at their best during exam day. For students and parents searching for assistance on how to find a good ISEE test prep course, Varsity Tutors can assist in finding the right course that suits your schedule.

Our ISEE courses are offered in 2-week or 4-week courses that also have multiple sections. Multiple sections mean students and their parents can have more options of which time of the day they should choose for the test prep. New sections start weekly to provide even more flexibility to students who want to participate in the review. Lessons in the morning, lunchtime, and evening are also available.

For more details or information on a Philadelphia ISEE course, call Varsity Tutors today. We can help you prepare for one of the most important exams for elementary, middle school, and high school admission. Our test preparation course is not just for the exam day. It is also an investment in the student's academic future.

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