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High school students preparing for the SAT can find a San Diego SAT course with help from Varsity Tutors. At Varsity Tutors, it is our goal to help students reach their goals. If your goal is to earn a favorable score on the SAT, we want to help you work towards this goal by connecting you with an SAT course that works for your needs.

The SAT courses we make available to students offer many perks. If you are a Canyon Crest Academy student who is preparing to put together their college application, you are probably also signing up for an SAT test date. The SAT is one of the most popular college admissions tests, and the university you are applying for may ask for an SAT score to measure your educational knowledge and academic skills.

Your SAT score can be an important part of your college application, so get some extra help through a San Diego SAT prep course. Increase your confidence in your test-taking skills and feel ready for your test date as it approaches. By enrolling in an online SAT course, you can receive additional help with SAT test prep materials and you can make the most of your study time.

What does a San Diego SAT class cover?

An SAT class covers all of the information you need to know as your SAT exam date comes near. The SAT is a college admissions exam that measures students' academic abilities. The exam is 3 hours in length, with an additional 50 minutes for the optional SAT Essay section. The other sections include a Reading Test, a Writing and Language Test, and a Math Test.

The Reading Test section of the SAT assesses reasoning skills and reading comprehension. It also asks students to answer questions from written passages, tables, charts, and graphics. This section allows 65 minutes for test-takers to complete and asks 52 questions. Students can expect to see a passage from contemporary or classic U.S. or world literature in this section, as well as questions related to social science and physical science. In your online SAT class, you can learn how to find evidence in passages to support your answers on questions. You can also learn to utilize context clues and how to analyze history and science in a contextual manner.

The next section of the SAT is the Writing and Language Test. This section examines a student's abilities to properly use grammar, to understand words through context, and to analyze passages to improve their claims. Students are given 35 minutes to complete 44 questions in this section. All of the questions come from provided written passages and some of these questions are multiple choice. To prepare for this section, a student can practice expressing ideas in an organized way, exercising their knowledge of grammar, and analyzing texts.

Next, the Math section of the SAT asks students 58 questions, which take a maximum of 80 minutes to complete. A student can receive between a 200 and an 800 on this section. The Math portion of the SAT has two sections. One is a calculator section, and the other is a no calculator section. In your SAT class, you can practice math problems without using a calculator to feel as prepared as possible for your exam. The Math section assesses a student's abilities to carry out math problems, to solve problems quickly, and to understand mathematics concepts.

The final, optional portion of the SAT is the SAT Essay. The Essay section is one question, and a student can receive between a six and a 24 on this portion. Students are asked to read a passage and consider the author's use of style, evidence, and reasoning. By working in a San Diego SAT class, you can practice these skills to feel prepared when your exam date approaches. After reading the passage, students are asked to write an essay that evaluates the author's argument and cites sources within the passage. An individual's essay should not reflect their own opinions, but rather assess the opinion of the author's argument.

What can a San Diego SAT course provide me with?

The benefits of SAT courses are nearly endless. When you sign up for a San Diego SAT course, you are signing up for online courses that are live and interactive. Connect with a skilled and knowledgeable SAT instructor, as well as peers who are also in your shoes. You can ask questions to your instructor and your fellow students and receive replies in real time. This is ideal for students who learn best in group environments.

High school students, including Francis Parker School students, are busy. If you are preparing to take the SAT, you are probably also taking high school classes, participating in extracurricular activities, and working on the rest of your college application requirements. Your SAT study time is limited, so make the most of it through flexible and accommodating SAT courses online. Through a live, online SAT course, you can benefit from working through your study materials with a professional instructor who is knowledgeable and ready to help. Instead of going through the test prep process alone, consider enrolling in an online course right away.

How can I start my San Diego SAT classes?

Getting started with SAT test prep is a breeze. All you have to do is reach out to Varsity Tutors. We tackle the hard parts, so all you have to do is enroll to reap the benefits of these online classes. New classes start on a weekly basis, so you can jump in at a time that is most convenient for you. Classes can last for either two weeks or four weeks, depending on which option is more suitable for your schedule. Classes also meet online during the days, evenings, and weekends, so you can find a time that is best for you.

When signing up for an online SAT course, you are receiving information that can help you feel more confident as your SAT exam date comes near. You can learn knowledge related to the SAT sections and test prep skills that can help you throughout your education career. To start your San Diego SAT course soon, reach out to Varsity Tutors today!

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