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When it comes to getting prepared for the Washington, DC LSAT, Varsity Tutors can help you get started by finding a Washington, DC LSAT class. The Law School Admission Test, or LSAT, will be one of the challenges you go through in order to demonstrate your preparedness to take on the rigorous workload of law school.

If you decide to take this test, a Washington, DC LSAT class can be helpful in giving you the tools needed to get ready for it. Dedicated preparation can help you as you get ready to apply to law schools such as the George Washington University Law School or the Howard University School of Law. Here's some brief information about the LSAT.

What Is the LSAT?

The LSAT is a test that shows if you have specific skills that you will need for law school courses and the legal profession, which include reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning. This is the only test that's American Bar Association (ABA) approved throughout the country.

With the new age of technology, test takers taking the LSAT digitally using a tablet provided at the test center. You'll be able to answer questions through tapping on the screen. Additionally, the tablet has features like a timer with a five-minute warning, and even a way to flag and highlight questions you want to go back to if you have time. It's scored on the basis of right answers. You won't be docked points for wrong answers, so there's no risk for guessing. The raw score is then converted into your LSAT score, with 120 as the lowest score and 180 as the highest.

What Could a Washington, DC LSAT Class Cover?

The LSAT consists of four different sections: Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Writing. There are a number of skills that a class might help you strengthen as you prepare for your test. An instructor may be helpful in preparing you for these sections of the test, so taking a Washington, DC LSAT course can be a great way to brush up on your techniques. Here's some information about each section of the LSAT.

The Reading Comprehension section gives you 35 minutes to focus on your general understanding and ability to read long-form, complex texts that are similar to passages you will read in law school. The key here is being able to take this type of jargon and break it down into layman's terms. You'll be asked a number of questions regarding information that's explicitly stated, how the author's attitude is revealed in the tone of the passage, organization and structure, and even principles that function in the selection.

The next section to go over is Analytical Reasoning. When taking the Analytical Reasoning section of the test, you have 35 minutes to answer the structure of the relationships and come up with a conclusion about the structure. With that being said, it requires certain skills, like comprehending the basic structure of a set of relationships as it pertains to figuring out the solution to an issue, inferring what's true and not true based off the facts and rules presented, and the validity of the facts and rules of any new information brought to the table.

Another section to become familiar with is Logical Reasoning. The Logical Reasoning section actually has 2 parts, so you're given 70 minutes to complete it. This area tests your skills in analyzing, evaluating, and completing arguments. It's all about taking the information gained from newspapers, magazines, and scholarly publications to help you understand specific viewpoints. You'll want to build your ability to find the similarities and differences between patterns of reasoning, identify how additional evidence can affect an argument, and spot certain flaws to help you argue your perspective on an issue.

The last section is Writing. You're given 35 minutes to complete the Writing section. This part is unscored, but it gives schools an idea of how well you can argue a specific point of view in your writing. You're given a problem, and it's your job to defend your argument. Be sure to exercise good reasoning, organization, language usage, and mechanics in your writing style. Copies of the Writing portion will be submitted to the law schools in which you've applied. You'll take the LSAT Writing section in a separate testing platform. You'll have up to a year to complete the Writing section from the day you take the rest of the LSAT.

How do Washington, DC LSAT courses help me prepare?

Prep courses are held in a collaborative, online environment. You may have a goal of going straight to law school after your undergraduate years or you may have been in the workforce for a while and want a change of pace by going after a new career. In either case, online class sessions can be very helpful. Additionally, you'll have the advantage of doing things in a virtual atmosphere. You'll save time on commuting and may get more out of your studying since you will be in a comfortable place.

You can ask your instructor questions about certain sections that may give you difficulty. Additionally, working with your peers can provide you with multiple insights that you may not have considered. They may give you tips to create a good outline for the Writing section. Working with both your peers and instructor could help you boost your overall test performance.

How can I find a Washington, DC LSAT course?

It's a good idea to enroll in a Washington, DC LSAT prep course for the sake of your academic and professional future. Varsity Tutors can help get you enrolled in a course to prepare you for your LSAT. This type of prep help can assist you as you refine your skills before the test date.

You could learn techniques that are helpful not just for the test, but also build a sound foundation for your law career. Contact Varsity Tutors to help you move toward reaching for your future academic and professional goals.

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