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WISC V courses are available through Varsity Tutors to give your student a leg up as they prepare for this exam. The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children V is a fifth-edition exam developed for students with ADHD. This exam is offered to students from six to 16 years old. It is designed to measure a student's intelligence. While it can serve as an IQ test, it can also help educational professionals identify students who are gifted or have learning disabilities. WISC V testing scores are calculated and compared to a sample of children in the same age group. Your student can take advantage of a one-on-one WISC V prep class that can bring focus to their study sessions. Get in touch to learn more about how to connect with a WISC V course.

Your student's WISC V class can help them as they work to prepare for this exam. There are five key skill areas in which the test assesses your student:

WISC Index Scores

  • The Visual Spatial Index
  • The Fluid Reasoning Index
  • The Working Memory Index
  • The Processing Speed Index
  • Verbal Comprehension Index

Throughout your student's WISC V prep courses, they can follow a custom-tailored learning plan that factors in their learning personality, skills, areas of opportunity, and testing goals. Armed with this guide, your student can work to build their skills at a pace that is ideal for their needs. Your student's WISC V class instructor can patiently answer their questions and provide feedback as they work. They can spend time working on solving sample problems similar to the kind they will face on the WISC V.

A private tutor may even offer unique learning activities in a WISC V prep course to encourage your student to engage with the information on a new level. For example, your student may spend time manipulating blocks to match an image or playing matching games with cards.

The WISC V can be challenging to feel prepared for. Your student may spend their WISC V classes reviewing the scoring index for each portion of this test. Below are the Ancillary Index Scales on the WISC V:

  • Quantitative Reasoning Index (QRI)
  • Auditory Working Memory Index (AWMI)
  • Nonverbal Index (NVI)
  • General Ability Index (GAI)
  • Cognitive Proficiency Index (CPI)
  • Expanded Index Scores
    • Verbal(Expanded Crystallized) Index(VECI)
    • Expanded Fluid Index(EFI)

A one-on-one WISC V course is designed to be efficient and effective. Your student's instructor can assess your student's progress as they work, whether they ask them to take practice tests or encourage them to explain the information in their own words. As your student works on their skills, their instructor can offer insight into their efforts. Their instructor may spend time demonstrating testing techniques that can help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as help them manage their time efficiently.

One-on-one learning is convenient. Your student can meet their tutor online through our Live Learning Platform. If your student is taking the exam to enter a TAG or other gifted student program, Varsity Tutors can help you connect with expert-led WISC V prep classes that can help them feel prepared to do their best. Our Educational Directors are ready to help you today!

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