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If you've been searching for a reliable Wisconsin bar exam coach, get in touch with Varsity Tutors. We specialize in connecting learners like yourself with professional tutors who can help you ready yourself. Though the bar exam is an exhaustive, complex test that can have a serious impact on your future, you don't have to shoulder all the stress of preparing alone. Any Wisconsin bar exam tutors that we find for you will have been vetted by our team to ensure that they have a combination of legal knowledge and teaching skills, so they provide you with a thorough review of the concepts that you'll have to show your mastery of on the test.

What is on the Wisconsin bar exam?

To practice law in the United States, you'll have to pass the bar exam. Each jurisdiction defines its own exam, so the precise form of the test varies from state to state. In Wisconsin, you'll have to take the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), as well as a written-response section drawn from the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), as well as a state-specific supplement. Registering for the bar exam in Wisconsin costs either $450 or $650 depending on whether you file for early or late registration, so you'll want to protect your investment by taking your test prep seriously. We'll take a brief look at each of these elements here so you can form an idea of how Wisconsin bar exam tutors can assist you as you study for the test.

The MBE is a six-hour-long multiple-choice test consisting of 200 questions. The test focuses on seven specific aspects of law: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts, each of which will be equally represented over the course of the exam. The sheer quantity of material that you'll have to review before test day rolls around can be intimidating, but the Wisconsin bar exam tutors that we can connect you to can make the task more approachable by breaking down each component of the MBE into small chunks and helping you tackle them one at a time.

The MEE is, as the name suggests, an essay section. The legal knowledge tested by the MEE is similar to that seen on the MBE, but here you may be required to draw on your understanding of several different aspects of law at once, synthesizing them into a single coherent argument. Wisconsin's exam will also present you with essay questions that feature material specific to Wisconsin state law. You'll have only 30 minutes for each MEE question, so time-management skills and an ability to outline arguments quickly can be imperative to your success. However, we can help you in finding a Wisconsin bar exam coach who can drill you with MEE-style questions until you feel comfortable knocking out essay questions under time constraints.

The MPT may be unlike any test you've previously encountered in that it will ask you to complete realistic lawyering tasks similar to those that you will see in your real-life practice should you pass the bar exam and go on to work in a law office. You could be asked to write a memorandum for a supervising attorney, for instance, or draft a will for a client. Whatever task you're assigned, you'll have 90 minutes to perform your research and put together a cogent, well-reasoned response. You'll have access to two sets of documents while you work: A "File" of all relevant case information, like client documents, police reports, newspaper articles, witness testimonies, and the like; and a "Library" of statutes, regulations, and historical cases that you'll be free to refer to. Though all the information required to complete your work will be contained in the File and Library, many of the documents provided may prove to be irrelevant to your work, so you'll have to read quickly and accurately identify what material will be most helpful to you. Wisconsin bar tutors can teach you active reading techniques that can give you an edge when sorting through MPT files, and can assist you in developing organizational methods that you can use to begin to develop your arguments while finishing your research.

What are some of the benefits of Wisconsin bar exam tutoring?

The Wisconsin bar exam training that we can connect you with will be provided one-on-one. Private instruction has a range of advantages, most notably the fact that your tutor won't have to cater to the needs of any other students while they're working with you. Your mentor can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and then put together a customized curriculum that focuses on the specific aspects of law that you need to brush up on most urgently. If you've mastered the fundamentals of property law, for example, your tutor can skim over that material, freeing up more time to work on other topics. The same goes for bar exam-related skills: If you're less than confident about your abilities as a writer, your mentor can place extra emphasis on MEE prep, while if the length of the MBE is worrying to you, your tutor can give you advice on how to turn the multiple-choice format of the exam to your advantage by ruling out incorrect answers, allowing you to answer questions more rapidly and with greater confidence.

Wisconsin bar exam tutors can adjust their teaching methods to suit your personal learning preferences. If you're an auditory learner you could benefit from lectures, discussion-based study sessions, and argumentative debates with your mentor. If you're more of a visual learner, your instructor could instead put together decks of flashcards to help you memorize legal terminology, or show you how to employ flowcharts while developing MEE essays.

While the focus of the Wisconsin bar exam tutoring that we can connect you to will be the actual legal concepts that are covered by the test, test-taking skills can play an important role in your success as well. Your mentor can teach you relaxation techniques that can keep you focused during the six-hour MBE, as well as time-management skills that can prevent you from falling off-pace and having to rush through the latter part of the test as a result.

How can I fit Wisconsin bar exam tutoring into my busy day?

We're aware that many prospective legal practitioners lead busy lives, so we've gone to lengths to ensure that the Wisconsin bar exam training that we can help you find is easy to access. You'll have the option of studying with your tutor either online or in person. Online mentoring can be especially advantageous for harried law students, as it allows you to study from any location where you have access to the internet and a device that's compatible with our Live Learning Platform.

If you opt for online tutoring, the Live Learning Platform will allow you to see and speak with your mentor via video chat. You'll also be able to utilize a variety of built-in learning tools, like a shared document editor that your tutor can use to review and critique your practice essays and MPT-style compositions. There are also sets of integrated practice problems that you can use to hone your skills, a virtual whiteboard that your tutor can use to diagram arguments, and more. One of the greatest features of the platform is the session recorder. All of your meetings with your tutor will be saved automatically, and you'll be able to return to them whenever you'd like. As you spend time working with your private mentor, you'll be building a library of lessons on topics like professional responsibility, limited liability companies, and commercial law.

How can I get signed up with a Wisconsin bar exam coach?

Give Varsity Tutors a call as soon as you're ready for us to start searching for Wisconsin bar exam training that suits your schedule. Once we know your availability we can get right to work looking for a private bar exam coach who can meet you at a time that works for you. Our educational consultants can find a qualified tutor in as little as 24 hours, so why wait to start the process? Get in touch with us today online or by phone.

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