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Question of the Day: ACT Compass Reading

Please refer to the following passage for questions 1-5.


Often referred to as America’s pastime, baseball is one of the most beloved sports in history. Its earliest origins date back to the 18th century in England, and soon after in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. By the time the mid-1800s rolled around, the game was being played quite regularly throughout North America to the point where it was recognizable; local games were frequently referred to as “town ball.” Of course, the game quickly turned into a professional entity, now known as Major League Baseball.

30 teams make up Major League Baseball, or MLB – 29 from the United States and one from Canada. The teams are evenly split up into two leagues, the American League and the National League, and each of those is split up into three divisions. Every regular season leads up to the culmination of five teams from each league earning a spot in the playoffs, otherwise known as the postseason. Teams are able to land one of these coveted spots either by winning their respective division or by getting a wild card spot. Most fans will tell you that once the postseason begins, that is when things get really exciting.

The playoffs entail a pretty simple structure; each league must go through three series of games before it is time for the World Series. First, a Wild Card Game is held as a one-game playoff between the two teams in each league that grabbed a wild card spot. Following that is the American League Division Series and the National League Division Series, both of which are a best-of-five game series. Next comes the American League Championship Series and the National League Championship Series, this time a best-of-seven game series each. The winners of these series are known as the champions of their respective leagues. Subsequently, those two winners battle against each other in the best-of-seven World Series games.

It is fascinating to stop and think of how this game truly became such a phenomenon. Many fans do take the time to pause and appreciate the history of it, but many just enjoy what it is today. Regardless, baseball will always be a truly famous and respected sport.


 Which of the following does the author NOT address?


the number of games in the World Series
the number of MLB teams
the way to earn a wild card spot
the various postseason series
the existence of leagues and divisions

While the ACT and the ACT Compass are both tests that are utilized by colleges to judge where potential students will be placed, the ACT Compass is an untimed test that is taken on a computer. Both tests have a number of different topics, including reading comprehension. One way to prepare for the ACT Compass reading portion is through Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools Question of the Day. This tool provides you with the ability to get a daily look at what types of test questions might be found on the ACT Compass, as well as how to comprehend the answers to those questions.

The Learning Tools Question of the Day for the ACT Compass Reading test will provide you with a new question each day, without overloading you with too much information at any one time. In each Question of the Day, you will be asked to read a passage, then answer a question. This question will usually ask you to comprehend a certain sentence or passage from the text, and ask you what the best possible answer is based on what you have read.

Once you have answered the question, the Question of the Day application will give you a number of different pieces of information that you may find helpful in your test preparation. Among the information provided includes how much time it took you to answer the question, how many others got the same question right, and what percentile you fall into based on your answer and how fast you answered. These tools allow you to base your abilities against others who are also preparing to take the ACT Compass test, as well as points out where you may be having difficulty. Beyond the statistics, the Question of the Day tool also shows you the difficulty rating of each question, as well as gives you an explanation of the answer to each question, which allows you to learn from any possible mistakes that you made and learn from them.

One of the main benefits of the Learning Tools ACT Compass Reading Question of the Day is your ability to get a new question each day from which to learn. Since there are a number of different concepts that may show up on the test, studying for them can be difficult. By using this tool on a daily basis, you will get a look at many different concepts that are found in the ACT Compass Reading test. Further, by seeing these concepts repeatedly, you may begin to feel more comfortable about them as time goes on. Also, by repeating these steps on a daily basis, you will become more comfortable with the style of test that you are preparing for, which can also be very important.

By using the ACT Compass Reading Question of the Day as one of your study methods for test preparation, you have the opportunity to gain a better awareness of what you will be going into on test day. When used along with other study methods, the Question of the Day can become a daily test to help you feel more comfortable and prepared for the ACT Compass Reading test, while also helping you to develop your reading comprehension more fully.

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