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If you will soon be facing the ACT, Varsity Tutors can help you find the right Atlanta ACT prep solution to help you maximize your study efforts. The ACT is a test that many students begin thinking about as soon as they enter high school. While it is considered a college admissions examination, many students at institutions like Grady High School or North Atlanta High School take the test long before they graduate. Regardless of where you are in your high school journey or what school you attend, you will want to make sure you prioritize your ACT preparation efforts.

The ACT can be one of the most important factors considered by college admissions officials when deciding who will be accepted. While it may be difficult to conceive of while you still have high school graduation to prepare for, this test could have an impact on what colleges you can attend.

When planning your ACT prep strategy, it's essential to keep in mind that the test is only given six times each year. You want to schedule your preparation around these testing dates and be sure to give yourself enough time to go deeper into any problem areas you may discover.

What can Atlanta ACT prep cover?

The ACT measures your academic skill in four primary areas; Reading, English, Math, and Science. You will have almost 3 hours to finish the ACT, but the testing block is a little more than 4 hours due to breaks and allotting time for proctors to read instructions. You'll want to be aware of the time for each part of the test, however, as the time is not evenly distributed between the sections. Your prep work for the ACT should also include time management strategies based on the time you will have for each section.

The Reading section of the ACT includes 40 multiple choice questions, which you will have 35 minutes to complete. You will be given a reading passage and then answer questions which will assess your capacity for identifying central ideas and themes, summarizing those themes, and understanding a variety of relationships. Some of the areas you may want to focus on as part of your exam prep include vocabulary, differentiating between fact and opinion, and making connections between different types of text.

The English section of the ACT includes 75 multiple choice questions, which you will have 45 minutes to answer. Some of the areas you may want to study as part of your test prep include punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, style of language, and topic development.

The Math section of the ACT includes 60 multiple choice questions, which you must answer in 60 minutes. This portion of the exam evaluates your competency in various math subject areas, including pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, plane geometry, and trigonometry. Some of the skills you may want to review as part of your ACT prep strategy include numerical reasoning, probabilities, graphing different kinds of expressions, functions, solid measurement calculations, and geometric shape calculations. As part of your preparation, be sure you are familiar with the types of calculators that are allowed and those which are banned. It is crucial you can complete the equations with an appropriate calculator so you aren't unpleasantly surprised on test day.

The Science section of the ACT includes 40 multiple choice questions, which you must answer within 35 minutes. This section of the test measures your subject area knowledge of earth science, biology, space sciences, physics, and chemistry.

If you want your writing ability to be evaluated as part of the ACT, you will need to register for the ACT Plus Writing. If you opt for this examination, you will have to compose a single written response in 40 minutes.

Whether you need help refining your writing skills, reviewing scientific concepts, or working towards mastering trigonometry, there is an Atlanta ACT prep solution that can help you work more efficiently towards your academic goals.

What are the benefits of an Atlanta ACT prep course?

When you enroll in one of our courses, you will experience a fully online learning environment that is similar to a traditional classroom. Your teacher will direct the class and provide targeted instruction, and you will engage with your classmates for projects and group discussions. This method of preparation is effective, and the cooperative learning experience can be especially beneficial for those students who learn best when they can talk about what they're reviewing with others.

You can choose between two and four-week class sessions which are comprised of individual sections. New sections begin each week which makes it easy to start whenever is most convenient for your personal schedule and your ACT preparation timeline.

The curriculum for the program was specifically created to strengthen the skills incorporated in the various sections of the ACT. If you find yourself struggling in a particular area, you have the option of discussing them privately with your instructor.

How can an Atlanta ACT tutor help me?

When you work with a personal instructor as part of your ACT prep, you will have more individualized instruction than is possible in an Atlanta ACT prep class. When you are in a classroom setting the attention of the teacher must be divided between delivering the core material and assisting all of the students. With private tutoring, the instructor's entire focus is on you and your academic needs.

Working with a private instructor allows you to work at your own pace and focus only on those areas of the ACT you personally need to review. You will not need to spend time studying academic concepts you've already mastered.

How can I get started with Atlanta ACT preparation?

Varsity Tutors can help you identify and quickly get started with the right Atlanta ACT prep solution for your personal academic needs. Whether you thrive in a classroom setting that encourages active interaction between students or your work better in a one-on-one setting with an instructor who can focus solely on your needs, we can help. Contact Varsity Tutors to discover which option is right for you and get started today.

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