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Question of the Day: CMA

The combining form "chondr/o" refers to:


Bone Marrow




If you are studying to become a tax accountant, you have a lot of difficult information around government regulations, tax codes, and mathematics that you must retain in order to qualify for the job. A great step toward success is to become a Certified Management Accountant, or CMA. However, to earn this title, you must pass a qualifying exam, and that can be very stressful. Fortunately, Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offers a suite of online tools that will help you with daily test preparation for your CMA exam. One of these great tools is the Question of the Day.

In order to pass our CMA exam, you have to study all of the necessary information along the way – if you try to cram at the last minute, you’ll feel tired and unprepared, which will make you very nervous. If you cram, you’re less likely to know the correct answers quickly, as well. However, the Question of the Day can help you review small amounts of information at a time. It updates each day of the week so you get to experience new, unfamiliar questions. These multiple-choice questions are based on previous CMA exams, so you get the full experience of the exam’s phrasing and covered material.

The benefits of using the Question of the Day for your daily test review don’t just end there. One of the best features is the timer, which helps you recall information faster and more accurately. Since the CMA exam is timed, it is important for you to be comfortable quickly answering each question correctly. While the Question of the Day does not force you to answer in a specified time period, you can track how your recall speed improves as you continue to study.

Other great features of the free CMA practice Question of the Day include graphs charting your correct and incorrect answers over time. You can watch yourself improve as you answer more questions right, thanks to your CMA test review each day. You can also figure out which general topic areas you should focus on based on how many incorrect answers you have. And, you can use the graphs to compare how well you are doing compared to other students who are also using the Learning Tools Question of the Day to study for their CMA exam.

Best of all, at the bottom of the Question of the Day page, you will find a detailed answer to the question. Even if you answered correctly, the information in this answer could give you new insight into the topic, so you are more likely to answer similar questions correctly in the future. Better answers mean better recall of the information when you sit through the tough multiple-choice part of the CMA exam.

Get prepared for the CMA exam with Learning Tools Question of the Day, and many of the other great offerings through Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools. Becoming a CMA helps you prove to future employers that you are professional, knowledgeable, and qualified to work hard as an accountant for a business.

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